January 30, 2015

Welcome to Soultamer | Celebrating Re-Launch

Eidolon, Ice Water Games


I plugged the mouse in
Early this morning.
Feverish space-bar pressings
Rabid clicking 
Eating up every last morsel of this
delicious virtuality 

        It doesn't matter how far along from my starting point I am (four and a half years), but I'll be completely honest - to be where I am now is unbelievable. Like watching a sunrise, kind of - you're filled with that nearly magical wonder, and at the same time, you're presented with a new horizon to chase. 

          For me, the sun's just begun to rise. I've got no time to waste.

Eidolon, Ice Water Games
          To all my old readers: Welcome back. Do you like what I've done with the place? It looks a lot different, I know. Thanks for sticking around - you're going to be the driving force in what gets this site up and running just like it was before, and then what'll push it towards those new horizons I've mentioned. 

          To all my new readers: Welcome, welcome. Please get yourselves comfortable; I have fair-trade coffee and some nice teas in the back if you'd like, though the pizza guy is late if you're hungry. Why not introduce yourselves to me in the comments section below? I love meeting new people. 

          Who am I? That's a loaded question - you're the nosy type, aren't you? Can't a blogger get an easy day? (That's right, I asked myself...) I've gone by so many names in the past few years. Long-time readers know me as Destiny, primarily, with some sort of last name attached. I've also been a Deidre, and a few other things. Call me what you wish. 

          I'm your quintessential noob. Find me surfing Steam for walking simulators and indie titles. When I'm not making animal-instinct decisions and abandoning all sense of strategy, I'm writing, reading, playing music, or experience-grinding on a tennis court. 
         One of my readers says: "She's a very approachable and helpful person, but I'm biased because I only exist in the depths of her imagination." (My #1 fan!!)   
         Find me on Twitter or Google+, or send me an e-mail (admin@destinysoultamer.com). And yes, I'm the d20. What a pretty 19 I have.
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          What's going on here? What's going on here are games. I'm considerably new to them, having gotten my Steam account in November and only now looking for a nice PC to play on, but after a few years of writing about one or two games alone, I've wanted to stretch out my writing spectrum and write about them all! Besides my tiny Steam library, I'm also fairly invested in KingsIsle Entertainment and Wizards of the Coast when it comes to my regularly-played titles. 

          What's going to go down, ultimately, are regular posts about the games I play. Whether they're just logs of progress (starting to love survival games) or speculations on what lies ahead or even the central meaning in a particularly cryptic game (Here's looking at you, Dear Esther), I want to serve up something fresh and interesting. Besides those, I'll also make sure to put up various bits of news from associated companies and reflect on newer developments. I've even set a day aside for the things I don't play, during which I'd enjoy featuring other gamers and writers who will likely be more esteemed on both levels.

          In short, I've got a lot of mobs to clear in this journey. Level by level, I'll be sure to write in my travels (that ring a bell, Mateys?) and tangential ramblings. Why not, my dear reader, stay for the ride?

Welcome to the madness. 

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  1. The new website looks amazing Des!! I can't wait to see all the new things you bring to it and how it grows with time. So happy to see you finally got that revamp you've been wanting, done :)



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