January 2, 2015

Five Travels Resolutions to Kick-start 2015

It's that time of year, again! Goodness, that sounds weird, considering that it's only just begun, don't you think? Nonetheless, people everywhere are devising elaborate plans and new regimes to break into the new year with, and I proudly classify. As of yet, my plans for 2015 are many and quite varied, but I have five of them that are especially relevant and important for me to hit on the blog and in-game. Let's go!

1.) Higher Post Count 

Oh, joy, this one. 2014 was host my all-time lowest post count on the website. However, a lot of the posts that did get put up were some of my best writings, and so I'm looking forward this year to putting up even more of this kind of content!

Some of my best posts from 2014:

1. Desdemona's Love: The Key to Valencia's Next Arc (my favorite from this year!)
2. Fishing in Pirate101: Likeness and Likelihood
3. A Matter of Coordination: The Secret to Pirate101 Drop Consistency (And the result)
4. A Dead-Eyed Stowaway: What I Learned from Piratey Hitchhiking
5. A Handful of Explorers (And My Consequent Adventure) (my favorite experimental from this year!)

2.) More Blogs of Note! 

Blog of Note is a post segment that I started myself. It features bloggers of the Spiral, particularly those who have recently started their websites, with intentions to spread the word about great writing and craft. In 2014, I included a lot of guest posts and featured quotes to incorporate the community, and I'm looking forward to continuing this method in 2015 alongside more blogs of interest.

The best of the guests from last year:

1. Ian Sharp: Captain of Blogging
2. Blog of Note: Farming With Duncan
3. Ian Sharp: I Can Has Leviathan Plushie?
4. Blog of Note: House of Sheffield
5. Guest Post by Evan Silver: Bear, Ship, Craft

3.) Play more Pirate101

Last year, Pirate101 did not release any new storyline content. This left us as players and bloggers like fish left on a dock, flapping around for any story tidbits. We all handled this differently, and my experimental posts were my method of maintaining the story portion of the game. However, it's also of note that last year was a big year for alternative updates, including Advanced Pets and new types of systems and dungeons, especially the gauntlet featuring Moo Manchu!

This year, I'm very sure that Pirate101 will release some new storyline content, and I'll be there to blog about it. In the meantime, I still have a Musketeer on my selection screen who needs a little attention...

4.) Play more games in general

...as well as several other characters in other places. Those on Twitter know that I began purchasing games on Steam in late November 2014. I love the games that I've played, and I'm going to be looking forward to playing and trying more as the year progresses. Of course, I'll be playing in my time and Pirate101 will still be my #1 priority.

A game that I suggest is Bastion. Having grown in popularity rapidly, Bastion is a single-player action RPG rated for audiences 10 years old and over. I'm not used to the rapid movement, but I absolutely adore the graphics, the music, and the clever narration. The controls are simple and easy to pick up, since they're taught as necessary. It's available for both Mac and Windows as well as Linux on Steam!

5.) Maybe something new?

Anyone who's seen my list of posts in drafts knows exactly what I'm talking about. Oh, wait.

Yes, there will be lots and lots of new developments, posts, and ideas hitting Travels this year! What they are exactly I'll leave up to you until the second I publish. And whatever they are, they'll be written out of both passion for you the audience and passion for writing. I think that's what blogging is - a delicate mix of varying passions - and that's how I'll keep it here.

Here's to another year of splendid travels!

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