January 10, 2015

Blog of Note: A Pirate's Pets

Like I said earlier this month, Blogs of Note are making a comeback! And what a better way to kick off their climb back up than with Hannah Ironside's blog, A Pirate's Pets?

A new face in the community - always a joy to see - Hannah is a fully-leveled Witchdoctor who's just gotten settled into the blogging community. Her blog features everything to do with Pirate101's Advanced Pets system, and she definitely knows what she's doing. Besides having information on the latest hybrids, she's a hatching enthusiast and has even given me a few insider details on getting better and better pets!

With that said, I was honored to interview Hannah and go through a fast dungeon in-game after the photoshoot for the post. Ready for the latest in Advanced Pets and the scoop on the next big pets blog? Read on!

Travels (D.S. Devereaux): So, tell us about yourself!

A Pirate's Pets (Hannah Ironside): Well, I'm a 17 year old, turning 18 on January 15th. I love music, and in fact play the alto saxophone in my high school's marching band, which is by far the most important and fulfilling thing I've ever done in my life. I like to draw, granted I'm not great at it, but doodling on everything is really fun. Video games, programming, web design, the way computers display things I've always found very, very interesting. I moderate for a handful of browser based animal raising/breeding simulation games... Howrse is probably the most well known example, but the ones I moderate for are just a few people and a big dream.

"Alright, I'm logging on," I typed back, plugging my computer in. It had been a busy week for the both of us, so a Monday interview harbored a Saturday photoshoot. I had been playing Steam games for a while, and Pirate101 had updated since I had last logged on, so I waited a few extra minutes, thinking about locations. 

In time, I came to realize that I had to load a lot more than I had expected. None of my houses would load, and my connection was looking a little glitchy, so I found a location in Skull Island and let Hannah teleport over. My computer proceeded to freeze just as I was about to start taking pictures. 

DSD: What sparked your interest (and eventually focus choice) in Pirate101 and Advanced Pets?

HI: I especially have a soft spot for wolves and foxes, so seeing Bonnie Anne on the website when I first joined up was a big plus for me. The multitude of different animals as companions makes for an interesting type of crew whenever you battle, I love mixing it up and having a different crew every time.
My first encounter with pet morphing was just because I was bored, had too much gold, and completed the storyline. I had met a few very nice people and decided to stick around. The real interest was sparked when my friend Reckless Flint Maxwell and I discovered the very first hybrid, the Grimtooth Reaper. It was an astounding accomplishment and when that egg hatched I was so excited that I could barely think straight. I ended up focusing on gathering pets and continuing to try over and over to find as many hybrids as I could, resulting in my finding of the Lavalanchula and Verdant Tinsel Owl.

"Alright, that should be the lot of the pictures," I said, then noticing a newer player having watched the shoot. He asked if we could help him with a dungeon, and after some whispered conversation, we took it up. 

The dungeon was the Skullcap Stronghold (name?), a location I hadn't actually visited. After a little lag to get battling back in order, I joined Blaze (the player) and Hannah in combat, going through the dungeon. As a fully-leveled Witchdoctor, Hannah's strategy was solid and even supplemented by a Tribal Crew Pack companion - impressive!

DSD: Do you have any tips for pirates wanting to get into Adv. Pets? 

HI: The biggest tip I can give is grow your collection, look for diversity. If someone asks you to hatch, be careful what you deny. Even if you already have the pet they have, you may discover new traits that you didn't have before. Another tip is: try to mix your pets with different high ranked talents to gain pedigree. To gain pedigree quickly, you have to use a lot of different pets, using just one high will cause you to get stuck on a single pedigree 'number', so when you get stuck on that number you have to mix in new pets to get higher, you may go lower at first, but you'll get higher overall.

"That was great, guys!" I called to the group just as the final battle was concluded. We'd fought for about twenty minutes, just enjoying each other's company and showing off our class-specific talents (almost entirely to impress Blaze, but whatever). "Let's take a few screenshots." 

DSD: Lastly, can I have your autograph? Haha, just kidding (though I'd love it, anyways). Are you able to spoil any of your fan-fiction for us today?

HI: Hmm, a spoiler? Well, I can't tell you much since saying anything would really spoil the entire story since I have only posted the very first chapter... But, lets just say there's more to this budding friendship than meets the eye.


I had a great time meeting up and getting to talk with Hannah, and her website has a lot of potential as more and more pet hybrids are unearthed. She's also writing some great fan-fiction that I suggest you check out. All in all, this next Blog of Note was worth every word! Keep up the great work, Hannah, and I'll see you (the readers) again on Wednesday with a very important post. 

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  1. Sounds like you had a great time and your wonderful writing and pictures made me feel like I was right there with you. :D


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