January 14, 2015

Travels Continue | Two-Week Maintenance Announcement (And Important Notice)

Hey, everyone! If you're a long-time reader of my site, you know that I'm not one to do many huge re-vamps or host too many changes to the layout, especially after mid-2013 when I introduced my rotating headers. However, with just over a year under my belt without any major expansions and revisions, I'm taking the site in for some clean-up.

However, the changes are even greater than this entails. Starting on February 1st, Travels is going to start in a different direction. No, I'm not going to be deviating too much, and in fact, these changes will be healthy for the site's growth and turn it in a direction for promotion and new horizons to chase. There will be caveats, and I'll also be detailing those, but I have a feeling that lots are going to like what's in store. Let's take a look.

A New Angle

In September-October 2014, I stopped making posts about Dungeons & Dragons. Why was this? To me, Dungeons and Dragons didn't exactly fit together with my normal post topics and didn't draw the right audience from pirates. I was content with this exclusion and went on posting as normal.

In November, I was convinced by a few friends to get an account on Steam. There were a few games that I already wanted to play, and they turned me towards several other games that I've enjoyed. In fact, I've enjoyed them so much that I've had the overwhelming urge to write about them! This brings forth the largest, most profound change that will be coming in February: I'll be expanding my topics. Besides Pirate101, I'll be covering a lot of my favorite Steam games, and even some D&D, with 5th edition having just come out. To top it off, I'll also be writing about my newest hobby - costuming! I'm working on a great project for this summer and have another for the fall that I'd love to share and cover.

The Pros: 

For me, I'll be able to write about whatever I want, whenever I want. If Pirate101 has a large expanse of content, I won't have to scrounge for post ideas, instead just writing about another game to pass the time. Will I still be playing Pirate101? Yes! It's where I've been for the past few years, and I won't be turning my back on it.

For the reader-base, a larger variety will attract a larger, more diverse crowd of readers to the site, and that means plenty more audience participation and featuring, as well as more potential Blogs of Note and player quotes, which have gotten very good responses in the past year.

The Cons: 

I'll have a lot on my plate. Blogging about more games means that I'll be looking like a 'noob' of sorts for a pretty long time before I can get myself established in the new communities that I'll be latching onto. It'll be much, much easier, though, to let my hair down and blog about my current interests.

The cons for the readers, though, may bring about changes. Some of the games I play have higher age ratings than Pirate101 does. While my own language will be maintained as it is now, I am extending the language in the comments section to match the rating of the game. On any front, I will not be accepting racial, sexual, or otherwise exclusive slurs or phrasing. 

"What's Coming Next?"
  1. I'm going to be completely restyling the website! The header and background are going to change, as well as the buttons and the pages. 
  2. I'm going to plant myself in more communities! I don't really know exactly in which directions I'm going to go first, but I'll definitely be spreading my link farther and wider than ever before! 
  3. I'll be playing more games! I'm going to try to figure out how to record play-throughs and I'll be taking a few alternative review approaches here. 
  4. I will be taking the site down for two weeks, starting on the evening of Saturday, January 17th. 
"What's NOT Changing?"
  1. I'm still to be available on Twitter @DSDevereaux! I'll be posting about more games and still connecting with all the same people as before.
  2. I repeat, I will STILL be covering Pirate101! The second updates come out, I'll be back and playing! 
  3. The URL of this website will still be the same! 

"What WILL be Changing?"
  1. The name of the website will be changing! Destiny's Travels is soon to become...well, something else! I'm between names right now, but I'll release that information when I can on Twitter.
  2. Types of posts coming out - I'll be covering more games! My next post after the re-launch madness will be about Nihilumbra! 

One Last Sentiment

The times are changing, and with them will be my site. Will you come along for the ride? If so, thank you - readership is my goal, and I am honored to have you on board. If not, then thank you for however far you've come with me. Your feedback and input has been priceless in my eyes. Be sure to keep an eye here, anyways, just in case you find anything that fits your fancy. 

I am open for the next few days to ANY questions about my new site and changes ahead! Ask away...and Keep Traveling. I sure know I will - to the Spiral and beyond. 


  1. Sounds like some good changes and perhaps you may lead me to expand my horizons a bit too. I'm with ya :D

    1. Rest assured, you're going to love what's coming! Covering a lot of interesting games soon that I think you'll find interesting.

  2. Sure, I will continue to read your blog, Destiny, even though the only online games I play are Pirate and Wizard. I don't always get a chance to do so, but I enjoy your ideas and writing. I'm certain what ever you write is sure to be interesting!

    And you are getting into costuming! Excellent! I love to do costuming too --especially historic clothes... and now I do a great deal of ballet costumes. It sure keeps me busy!

    1. Thanks, Anne! I appreciate your support. I'm a terrible seamstress, and I'm working in a team where there's a very capable one of us with a sewing machine. I'm the one making certain pieces. More to come...


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