December 11, 2014

Bah Humbug! Anticipations for the 12 Days of the Spiral

Bah Humbug! It’s a term that strikes the hearts of many, whether a Scrooge or a Spirallite, a reader or a snowball-thrower, or a variety of others. The holiday season is here, and KingsIsle is starting it well with the 12 Days of the Spiral event, back for yet another year of wintertime fun and surprises. There’s a brand-new, limited-edition charity mount every year, and this year’s design is the Bah Humbug itself, a festively-dressed scorpion mount with a stylized carriage for the player to sit in. What else is coming this month? So many possibilities abound. Let’s explore a few options of what there is to look forward to this 12 Days in Pirate101…

Brand New Holiday Pack? --- This is one that’s looked forward to every 12 Days. Will there be a brand new item pack in the Crowns Shop just for holiday-themed items? Every year, too, it seems more likely. What would we be getting to see in such a pack? Holiday items like we’re used to? Companion points? Doubloons? With all the new additions this year, the components of a holiday pack would definitely be more varied, thus heightening the chances of one coming out. What do I want to see in such a pack? Hmm…maybe a few festive Pet Snacks…some Scrip? Yes, definitely some Scrip. Furniture would also be nice. I’ll be watching out for this kind of holiday treat! 

New Holiday Pets? --- (See the GIF) Can anyone tell me exactly what this is…? This Ostrich-Tree-Thing looks gives the idea of new holiday pets a very good outlook. It’s a very KingsIsle tradition to release a new pet per holiday installment, and there could be a few cuties hidden in boss loot rolls that we’ve yet to uncover, this season. I will actually be snagging an Ostrich-Tree if it fits my budget, since I like it so much. I’d also like to see a few other pets dressed up - Santa Chameleon? Reindeer Porcupine? (Update: As of the morning of posting, multiple pet hybrids have been found! Look on Twitter or the Messageboards for more information!)

Free Loot! --- This is a definite. Every year, KingsIsle gives away a medley of loot to the players for free via the 12 Days advent calendar. There’s almost always some gear or furniture involved, and players look forward to this little gift every year. Will the free items consist of what they were last year? Will there be chances to win some higher-end items, like the Bah Humbug or Companion Training Points? Or Scrip? Scrip, please! *waves arms* I can’t wait for whatever KingsIsle gives to the players, which is always a stroke of caring to the population during the holiday season.

More Varied Holiday Gear? --- Don’t get me wrong - gingerbread staffs are hilarious! I love seeing some of the creative ideas the team came up with for the holiday season. Will we be seeing more, varied items this year? Maybe not, but maybe so. One of the first things I remember about Kingsisle’s games is the Silent Nightcap from - wow - 2009, and it’s likely still in my Wizard101 bank right now. Can pirates look forward to a new item just for them or just for the season?

A Surprise? --- This is one of KingsIsle's finest assets. Will there be something brand new and unexpected that the company brings into the game for the holidays? Even if a special piece of gear or new pet ability, there may be something to come that we don't necessarily know of, yet. What do you think it will be? When will it be revealed to the players? That's up to you to speculate on - let me know what you think in the comments section below!

Happy Holidays, everyone; Check back soon for content reviews, excited ramblings, and more!

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