December 3, 2014

A Matter of Coordination: The Unexpected Outcome

Back in April, a group of bloggers - myself included - made posts regarding a certain message left by Pirate101's Ratbeard on the Official Messageboards, stating that (quote the way to get higher drops is by patting head and rubbing stomach). My friends and I set off to work on testing and proposing this theory... 
...And we were right. My answer was simple. Binary. Just the right motions - those mind-boggling head-patting and stomach-rubbing motions put together, to be exact - would mathematically affect your drop rates. Enough keyboard-tipping would do the trick. 
Of course, there was backup all around the community. Swordroll made a highly informative post regarding conditions in which the process would be affected. Beatriz Abbott highlighted many ways of manipulating drop rate on her blog, The Simple Swashbuckler, paired well with Evan Silver's exact how-to. Ian Stormstaff of Wizards Unite published his 100%-legitimate theory on the Butterfly Effect, easily testable alongside the efforts of Adventures of the Spiral. 
We were all poking fun at the concept and having a good time playing around with otherwise dogmatic statements. Today, however, the Vine popping up on Pirate101's Twitter account that surprised us all. It wasn't expected in the slightest, but there was the new player emote, much to our surprise. To your computers, mateys! Time to go farming! 
And lastly, a toast to the bloggers listed above. I consider our research as vital portions towards the more interactive implementation of this feature.


  1. LOL just lovely. What a great idea putting all the links here so I can go back and enjoy them all over again. Well done. :D I totally agree with ya here. I think all that hard work really oiled the gears to getting this delightful surprise accomplished. My giggle worthy thanks to all of you for your fine tongue in cheek styles :D

  2. Well, Ratbeard might've known that this new Emote was coming to the game? He threw a little teaser at us :D

    1. Hehe, perhaps. Thanks for commenting!


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