The Thanksgiving Surprise - A Poem by D.S. Devereaux

"If Ratbeard can't get turkey
and Bonnie can't make pie
Than what other surprises
Do on this Thanksgiving lie?"

November was coming to a close
Upon the Hero's Kite
And past the Raven Island snows
She sailed on t'wards the light

While Gracie manned the cannonballs
and Sarah topped the mast
The captain, boggled, milled about
As frazzled as was fast.

"Should we worry 'bout the traffic
On through the sparkling Stormgates home?
What about today's parade -
Skull Island will be overflowed!"

In time, as she neared the swirling
passageway to her island home
Ships, bumping 'round, were stacked and twirling
Flotsam soon these vessels prone!

With a sigh, the dead-eye swashbuck
Steered her ship away, away
Seemed that she was out of luck
To spend time with her friends that day.

And then, upon that afternoon 
To Dead-eye Dev'reaux's shock, 
A galleon pulled up nearby 
And three more were to dock! 

And as she pulled her curtains closer, cup of tea in hand, 
She had not expected someone to knock. 

"Afternoon," the pirate called on back
with another sip of tea, 
"Happy Thanksgiving - cut me some slack!
You can go have fun...and leave!

"I'm sure you'll want to get ahead 
In the lines back to the table, 
And as you may be able to see,
I'm actually very able

"To spend this day just for myself
Myself, my ship, and crew
Besides all that's Thanksgiving Day
I've got lots else to do!" 

To her demise, the door slid open
and someone peeked on through. 

The feathers, first, were let in the light
Then a face began to show
Another dead-eye, smiling slight, 
And shoulders covered in snow -

"Hello, there," Wesley said, 
Letting in some more, 
And by more, he meant four more heads
All with surprises in store. 

There stood Chrissy, with a bowl 
And Evan with some plates 
"We realized traffic the other way,
was faster through the 'gates." 

"When we found you weren't going to make it,"
With potatoes, Catherine noted, 

"Valkoor and I gathered the gang
And onto ships we loaded!" 

"Not to mention," Chrissy chirped, 
"They were...especially devoted."

And with a rushed and nervous "Whoa!" 
Came in Jack-and-turkey, both covered in snow!

"Get the cutlery, raise the sails!" 
Destiny barked with a gleam in her eye, 
"This holiday - it never fails
To surprise and then to satisfy!" 

"Mind the gravy, take your share!" 
The voices filled the air,
"After all, Thanksgiving is all about
Showing just how much you care." 


Happy Thanksgiving, American readers. I'm thankful this year for all of you and how far your love and support has taken me in this wild journey of blogging. 

Special thanks to: Christina Nightingale (Chrissy the Blesser), Evan Silver, Catherine Nightingale, and Jack Teach (Swordroll)


  1. Oh this is wonderful and beyond touching. I am thrilled to be in one of your lovely creations. In my mind I was really there making sure you have the best Thanksgiving ever. *Chrissy Hugs* After all the wonderful food I have had and delicious pies who knew that my biggest blessing would be waiting for me in the Spiral. Thank you Destiny, from the bottom of my piratical heart. <3


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