Videogames for a Cause: The Scoop on Extra Life 2014

Are you a gamer? Want to raise money for children in a fun way? Extra Life 2014 is for YOU! 

Throughout the gaming community, Extra Life has been talked about for at least the past month. Gamers are uniting for multiple hours of play of whatever games they want - video games, card games, board games...anything! - to raise money for children's hospitals. Let's see what it's all about, how YOU can participate, and what I'll be up to, this Saturday. (Links shared at the end of the post)

The Why

Extra Life has in the past raised over $300,000, and the money goes Children's Miracle Hospitals, a network of children's hospitals around the United States (source). Started by the story of Victoria Enmon, Extra Life supports hospitals and the needs of sick and injured children. What a better way to help than by doing what you love?

The How

I don't have the patience to play videogames for a very long time. The traditional go-about for Extra Life, though, is to play video games for - get this - 24 hours! Many are able to complete such a feat as long as they're careful to take care of themselves. But what about the rest of us?

I'm having a few people pledge in my name for what I can do. Since they're all in a local circle, they also care about the hospital that I've selected. I'll also be throwing in a quarter of my goal - $100 - since I want to directly donate, too. I'll be playing a variety of games, but I'll get to that later.

How Can I Participate? 

Yes! Here's how. Step one: Create an account at Extra Life. Choose your hospital and enter your details as needed. Step Two: Do you play Wizard101 or Pirate101? Great, join the group called 'KI Gamers' run by the fabulous Bonnie Anne! There are prizes involved for donation, so give the group a look-see!

Step Three: Game, game, game! Many, like Bonnie Anne herself, are spreading their twenty-four hours out. Others, like me, are trying for hours all within October 25th, the day of the most participation in the event. Don't have twenty-four hours? You don't need them! Just make sure you're raising money.

Step Four: That's right, I almost didn't mention that. The cool thing about gaming for twenty-four hours straight is that if four donors donate one dollar for every hour you play, you'll get nearly $100 for your effort towards your chosen hospital! Make sure to share with your sponsors the link to your page.

What is Destiny Doing? 

I've got quite the plan. See, I don't have many ways to play video games for any long period of time. While I'm going to play a ton of Pirate101, here's what I'll be doing in more specific terms.

  • Pirate101: I'll play a Tower of Moo Manchu run or two on my swashbuckler, as well as give a certain forgotten-about Musketeer a little more love.
  • D&D: This is where I'm letting myself get creative. I love playing Dungeons & Dragons with my friends, but I have an issue in which my character, higher in level but still at the lowest maximum health points, is very likely to be defeated due to many, many causes. I'm starting to think that she's going to need a successor, and why not spend some time crafting interesting characters with complete backstories and personalities? This will take about an hour per character.
  • PS3, etc.: In honor of Extra Life, I am invading a friend's house on Saturday to play on her gaming consoles! I'm hoping to play a ton of Journey and then Portal 2 with her on her PS3! We're also thinking of chess and a few board games.
  • Tennis Games! Does this actually count? Beats's a mind game and requires fast reflexes and a good amount of skill. Platforms are nice and variable and the game is pretty personalized, though more enjoyable with more experience. If it counts, then I'll include my tennis matches into my final game-time count. 

So, tell me...are you participating in Extra Life this year? What are your plans? Let me know in the comments section below, and be prepared for a post on Saturday or Sunday regarding how the event went!

Visit Extra Life Here!
View the KI Gamers roster here!