Spiral Safari: Let's Talk Toucans

Pirates aren't supposed to be the cuddly types...right? When the P101 team began adding on animals to the game, the kind that roam, flutter, and crawl to liven the atmospheres, I found myself both incorrect and a little bit more of an exploration enthusiast just to see what was new. In this post, we'll take ourselves on a little Spiral Safari, glancing at the variety of new creatures in the worlds we love, and discuss their presences. Let's start with our feathered friends over in Skull Island...

Skarakeets and Screechy Things

For the next week or two, we'll be looking at the populations of animals in the flappy and chirping categories...birds! They're everywhere in-game, and they deserve some analysis and love. Let's start in Skull Island.

This is a toco toucan (ramphastos toco). It's the most well-known and common member of the Ramphastos family and is common in Central and South America. It's known for its bright beak with dark tip and white chest, as is shown in both comparative pictures.

Let's tear this apart a little bit and look at the toco toucan detail by detail. 

Population: Just like the toco toucan, this bird appears in so many places in Skull Island! Originally, I had wanted a picture from Skull Island's first mob area, right across from NPC Bonnie Anne. As I continued adventuring, however, I found a much better shot on Gunn's Refuge.

Location: Pirate101 is known for mixing cultures, but considering that Skull Island, a main trade hub rich with spices and pirates, is meant to be somewhat Caribbean-esque, then it's no wonder that the toucans are showing up in the tropical areas.

Coloration: The Skull Island toucans have slightly different coloration from toco toucans, but the resemblances are still strong. The Skull Island variation has extra color on its beach and less-defined eyes, whereas the toco toucan has two colors on its beak - it skips the red band - and has very large, color-highlighted eyes. Both species have very large beaks hat are proportional (more or less) for their types.

Sound: While this isn't implied directly in the Pirate101 example, toco toucans are known to be very loud in communication. Skull Island is always abuzz with bird-calls of all types, and it's very likely that the toucans are a part of this. Toco toucans oftentimes travel in flocks of about six, so where one is chattering, many others could join in! This may explain some of the noise in the treetops...

Have you spotted any Skull Island-ish toucans around in other locations? Let me know! Send pictures in to admin@ destinysoultamer. com!