October 25, 2014

My Extra Life 2014 Journal (Ended as of 1026)

(There should be a graphic here! See 8:14 PM PST)

2:44 AM PST: I had planned to get up 45 minutes ago to do some NaNoWriMo plotting...as of twenty minutes ago, I had woken up from an odd nightmare and dragged myself to my computer in hopes of getting some work done. Haven't yet coordinated with someone to use a console.

Hello, everyone! Happy Extra Life. I'll be having a packed day, and I'll be gaming a ton! I'm currently $25 shy of my goal and I'll tend to that tonight after my adventures. Let's get going!

7:35 AM PST: I worked on NaNo until about three-thirty and then went back to sleep, having a very interesting dream. I'm up again after writing the dream down, starting to write a few character sheets for D&D. To-do:

  • Backup for Lylien if she ever dies (Sorcerer, maybe...or a rogue...) 
  • Finish Ylloren the Dragonborn and upgrade to 5e's latest rules
  • Write a few more level 1 characters as gifts to aspiring dungeoncrawlers (fighter, rogue, cleric, wizard) 
11:25 AM PST: I was able to finally get started at around 9:00, and I've been working since on a dwarven paladin. I really like paladins, now - they're so multifaceted! I've played support/ranged/delicate characters most of the time, so I may make this fabulous disowned noble my backup. I'm hoping to finish Ylloren (mind I find his stats, else I'll just restart him) or make another character (thinking rogue) later. For now, though...off to Pirate101..

My to-do list:
  • Tower of Moo Manchu
  • Level Musketeer
  • PvP and pet train
12:12 PM PST: My internet isn't being very nice, so it looks like it's back to D&D sheets for me for a while. I'm listening to Leala Ulrich's Pirate101 stream, though. 

3:30 PM PST: I fell asleep some two hours ago (likely due to waking early before) and I'm finishing up my paladin before starting my tennis games. However, I did make my Extra Life donation of $25, which, thanks to my gracious friends and family, puts me at $100 even! 

7:00 PM PST: I woke up in time to get to my tennis matches! I'm counting them towards my total for the heck of it. I played three doubles games, two with a very good partner and then one against said very good partner - that's the one I lost - for a 2/3 win rate for the day, which is better than usual. I had some very nice net play and serve returns. I then went out to buy supplies for my Halloween costume - wood, cloth, cardboard - and am now home for some P101!

8:14 PM PST: ....and, the power goes out. This means that I have to save computer battery - so no graphics, no P101, and I'm shutting down my browser soon. Back to the D&D sheets! (At this point, I remember that all my sheets are digital-born, so I'm going to be writing the details in a notebook for now.)

Since the power is going out, my hopes for posting today have been dashed. However, I would like to inform on what has happened so far, so this post is now an ONGOING post. This means that I will update this tonight and tomorrow on what else has happened during my Extra Life 2014 adventures, ending tomorrow evening. Thanks for your patience, everyone.

8:11 AM PST: Last night, I managed to create a warlock tiefling for D&D by hand. I don't like how it turned out (tiefling and warlock qualities just contrast too much) so I'm going to try again today with a human. Meanwhile, the power is still out.

10:03 AM PST: I finally got around to half-making a human. I've still got to put all these in my computer (all but the dwarf) and equip them (dwarf included).

2-5 PM PST: To make up a few hours, I went to a friend's house to charge my computer. There, she introduced me to the Legend of Zelda line of games, namely The Wind Waker. She was heading towards a dungeon with a supporting NPC named Medli, and I helped problem-solve in certain areas as well as navigate there and around the island where Medli was originally (the island with the really nice music, if that helps). Switching perspectives between Link and Medli was both fun and challenging, but I did enjoy the flying and pot-breaking quite a bit. Will have to return to this game at one point.

10:20 PM PST: The light came back! I'm going to whip up a graphic and call it a day. Goodnight, everyone, and Keep Traveling. 

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