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Hello! I type this with a sprained wrist. While I have a post nearly written in my archives, creating graphics is a little difficult. However, I did last night treat myself to a short character observation over my two favorite fan-fiction characters - Destiny Soultamer and Dead-eye Destiny - having been inspired by the new quests in Wizard101 connecting the two storylines of the Spiral. Establishing my characters' personalities and knowing how they apply is a powerful tool in writing and understanding their actions.

Soultamer is surprisingly calm. To people who haven't been around her long enough, her neutral gaze and collected demeanor can be misinterpreted as cold and slightly rude. Contrary to how she may seem, she has quite the mind for practical jokes and one of the rare occurrences of her smiling can be seen after a prank is executed well. She is incredibly articulate and precise in her magic, and is thus very skilled.

Chatty and restless, Dead-eye is in many ways opposite. Whereas Soultamer willingly immerses herself in situations, Dead-eye willingly obsesses over them. She can be found surrounded by books and papers, all while mumbling to anyone present, whether that's another person, her pets, or even just herself. By those who are not close friends, she is labeled as 'slightly insane' and 'somehow highly dangerous'.

In order to expand my knowledge of these characters, I asked Twitter to give me situations for them to react to. 

@CGoldSword says: "Finding a hidden object"

Soultamer, upon finding this, would likely read up or perform a spell to find out more about the object first, staring at it in suspicion until her scans proved it to be safe. (This is likely because she's had incidents with cursed objects before.) If the scans said otherwise, she'd carry it with magic and find a way to destroy it. Should the item be safe, she'd put it in her backpack and travel around looking to see if it belongs to anyone. Any unnecessary weight to carry would be only hurting her journeys, she would suppose.  
Dead-eye would immediately pick up the object and, if possible, hold it to the light to get a better look. If she felt worried about the object for any reason (most of that reason coming from instinct) she'd bring the item to someone who would know about it...even if that would mean fighting for her answer. If she found use in the item, she'd take it with her or keep it on her ship. Otherwise, she'd just sell it. 

@Wallanda120 says: "Listening to Hawkules' bragging"

Soultamer would likely just put up with it, rolling her eyes when nobody is watching. So long as Hawkules gets the jobs done, she'd suppose, she could put up with his blabber. Occasionally, she'd counter with a snarky comment, raising an eyebrow and grinning at her clever remark. In fact, something like that would normally grant her a few minutes of silence. She uses her talent carefully.  
Dead-eye, on the other hand, would have a bragging contest with Hawkules the second he'd say something. They'd be able to talk back and forth for a long few minutes, exchanging stories and achievements (many of which on both sides were accidental). Dead-eye would likely brag about her achievements in the Laurentine Library and follow it up with rewiring a clockwork while recuperating in Beachhead. 

If the two probably met, they'd likely not get along at first but then get used to each other. I'd imagine that they'd both get frustrated - Dead-eye externally and Soultamer internally - and be brought together by a situation requiring both of their unique talents.

Readers, here is your challenge: What do you suppose your pirate's personality would be like? What parts of their background influence the way they are? Let me know in the comments below, and there may or may not be fan-fiction in the making from them.

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  1. Fair Ashley Holystone AKA WallandaOctober 06, 2014

    Heh, you kinda surprised me with the Hawk-bragging reactions. Heck, you deserve a bonus for writing this with a damaged wrist * claps quickly a few times*
    Hmmm...as for the challenge, I suppose my characters would most likely get along.
    Fair Ashley Holystone is funny and a quick thinker, but caring and often shows some compassion to the people ( that is, if they mean well).
    My wizard, on the other hand, Katie Nightbloom, is extreme and strong, rarely careful.

    If they were to find an item: Ashley would analyse it almost like an old-fashioned detective. If it's safe, she'd carry it around till someone notices she has their lost item. If not, Ashley quickly drop it, but in the future she'd probably would start looking for information on the item. You know, in case it's a threat...

    Katie wouldn't pick it up just yet. She'd look at it on whatever it's lying, pick it up and, if it's a lost item, start riding her broom like crazy, asking who might've lost it. Her so called ''eagle eyes'' would notice if it's dangerous. Katie just has that magic skill, it effects her very deeply if the object is dangerous.

    Now this is probably gonna be a huge wall of words, so I'm stopping here. It's enough to explain how would they get along :)


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