October 15, 2014

Could Birth-o-Ween Bear a New Pack for Pirate101?

When Happy Birthday
means Halloween,
the skies will churn
with a ringing scream

Pirates, pirates everywhere
Will be on the lookout for a birthday scare
But upon the years, just looking back
We may be in time for a halloween pack!

Mateys and Spirallites, here we are again - October on a very special day. Twitter began to buzz about what could happen during the Birth-o-Ween celebration in Pirate101, and a very good point popped up after some talk and the release of the Harrowing Hoard Pack in Wizard101: What about a pack for the pirates?

And in the crannies of a town quite Olde
Flies a beast that is frequent told
to turn up 'round this time of year
A mighty whinny rings in fear

Might we know the Nighmare's power
As we plunder the skies and scale Moo's tower? 

I zoomed into Olde Town one October years ago, still Destiny Soultamer, and slowed around the Bazaar upon seeing something glowing and flapping nearby.It was a ghostly horse, a spectrum of a pegasus with a mighty whinny and downright gorgeous flapping animation. I stopped and watched.

"Hi?" the owner asked, moving along as I failed to respond. I that day dubbed myself 'silent, staring noob' and tried not to throw such chagrin upon myself again. Nonetheless, I had discovered a new gem in the treasure trove that Wizard101 is, and for the years following, I would covet it. And I still do, just from afar while plundering the skies with a handful of maps and pointy objects.

The Nighmare Pack in Wizard101 is a very well-selling pack during this time of year, boasting furnishings, gear, and even a few very spooky mounts! The mounts are things players seek out the most, and there's no doubting why, when you take a look at them. Wizard101, at the same time, has plenty of different packs to go around.

Pirate101, on the other hand, has just stepped into the light of packs in the Crowns Shop, at last adding the second item pack ever available onto the game. It seems that it's just about time for a Birth-o-Ween pack to be introduced!

And should we open this season's pack
Will we find that tiger of black?
What about paint for our faces 
Or even more furniture for our own places? 

What could we expect in an upcoming pack? With all the new developments in Pirate101, there are a range of themes and types of items to be sought after in a potential seasonal pack. World themes are popular, and what's better for a Halloween-themed pack than Darkmoor? Already a very, very likely world to appear in the game, Darkmoor fits the dark, spooky theme better than any other world. 

As for items, one could expect items like facepaints and accessories to pop up. Announced on KI Live, these items are highly pack-worthy, along with hairpieces. Also announced was the Black Tiger pet, which of course must be accompanied by even more pets. The options are highly varied and will nonetheless be exciting! 

And one last grinning, whinnying cry
Before the Nightmare hits the sky
Surely this coming Halloween
Will be the best we've ever seen!

I'm excited for whatever Halloween has to bring! What do you think? Will Pirate101 get a pack? What items are coming, regardless? 

Wishing you spooktacular travels,


Thanks to Chrissy the Blesser, Dayne, and Swordroll for photos and moral support! 

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  1. OH I just love this. Such great storytelling style. I feel like I am sitting around a campfire and you are telling the best ghost story ever. Wonderful stuff. Well done again. :D


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