September 23, 2014

"Where I'm From" - A Pirate101 Poem Challenge

From the messageboards:

Ahoy, mateys! I see you've been enjoying my poetry recently. A wonderful, the name of George Ella Lyon created a poem called "Where I'm From". It's taught in many schools as a 'frame poem', or one where you fill in the blanks. Here I have written my own, with my own parts in italics.

Lyon's "Where I'm From" is a poem telling details of the author's childhood, from the taste of the dirt under her porch to the morals she grew up with. Also mixed in is some family history. I found this frame on the internet and I found it to be especially difficult since Dead-eye's backstory is just so vague. It's helped me develop her as a character as well as show myself exactly what I'm capable of when attempting to be a more versatile poet. Here's what I came up with:

I am from knives
from The Black Spot and day-old Yum.
I am from the minnows heading towards the nets
(Tiny, silver
they wriggled out of my hands.)
I am from the flickering lightposts,
the murk of Marleybonian industry
so different from the evergreens
of the home that wasn't mine to begin with.
I am from peg-legs and eyepatches,
from bears, wolves, and Devereaux.
I am from the read-all-days and steal-all-nights.
From Faster than that! and Choose your weapon.
I am from An unexpected visitor
Ship captain by your walk, your posture screams pirate
and some more words that I've tried to forget
I'm from swashbuckler, and clockwork loathing
Pet snacks and yum-n-ade
From the way my dad sharpened his swords
before battle
the way my friend ducks for cover when the fuse is lit.
In my pocket I keep gears
Creaking as they grind 
Reminding me of battles won and lost
Both of which to ponder upon.
I am from these seconds between strikes
Into the sky without another word
Walking in Darkness before the threat surfaces.
Give it a try for yourself! You can get the hang of what should be where by what I wrote and looking at the original poem. When you've created one for yourself, post it here for the Spiral to see! Take a look at the original poem here and a sample frame. When you've created your poem, put it up on the messageboards or on the Pirate101 Central thread! You're also welcome to e-mail me with your poem (admin @ destinysoultamer . com) and I will put it in at the bottom of this post. Happy writing!


  1. Lovely as usual. Not sure if I can get the courage to try. Yea I have been known to write well but I can't compare to such beauty. I'll think on it. :D

    1. Give it a try, Chrissy! The wonderful thing about poetry is that is you don't have to follow the rules if you don't want to. I'm sure you'll create something amazing, no matter what you try. ;)

  2. Fair Ashley HolystoneSeptember 23, 2014

    Sheesh, this is just amazing. I might give it a shot, but I'll probably end up staying up all night just to think of something.
    Keep it up, Destiny. You truly have some skills ;)

    1. Do give it a try! I love seeing what other people submit when working with a common prompt.


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