September 3, 2014

What the Beast Brings: Looking at Future Hoard Packs

Big news hit the Nautical Spiral today in the form of a new hoard pack! Grizzleheim-themed, the Grizzly Beast Pack features several new and interesting companions as well as plenty of new furniture and pets. The above quote bring up the point that the highly-coveted items in this pack will extend beyond the satisfaction of a pirate's budget. And some players seem to agree. Regardless of preference, however, let's take a look at how this pack might affect the future of crown shop releases.

A Year and a Half of Azteca

Thank you, Duncan Stormthief!

 For the past few months, many players have been asking over and over again when a new hoard pack would be released. Wizard101 has sent them out rapid-fire since the unveiling of the Dragon's Hoard Pack, but Pirate101 has only seen one since its launch before today. Though it's obvious that Pirate101 is following fast in Wizard101's footsteps, this may mean a variation in release. 

Pirate101 spent almost a year and a half spending quality time with an Azteca-themed pack. Lots of the prizes from here have lived on through the game, mounts and companions being highly sought-after. Booster packs were released for Advanced Pets, too, but they weren't quite like the hoard pack available for 399 crowns and a chance at an assortment of nearly everything. 

Variety Versus Time

In this new pack, a potpourri of items is available from companions to pet snacks and more. This accommodates the Advanced Pets update and even other additions like Battle Standards. Thinking about the previous points listed, does this mean that the addition of a pack was held back due to incoming changes to what could be earned? Or is this an event coincidentally following the changes? Until we see another pack, it will be difficult to truly know. 

One idea is that a new pack may accompany the addition of gameplay updates in order to promote newer ideas. Will this invalidate older packs? Not necessarily, but the new, shinier packs will hold some higher standing in coveted items.  Only time will tell if this will be an issue. 

Breaking In the Loot 

Thank you, Johnny!
Tribal Crew Packs have been in circulation consistently. They're still often offered as prizes for contests and trivia and the companions are still very loved to this day. Needless to say, the loot from the Tribal Crew Pack isn't completely old news. Come to think of it, in comparison to Wizard101, Pirate101 has done a really good job of keeping the lure of a pack alive via its players. 

However, it is definitely time for something new, many players can agree. While more time between packs is looking pretty good, it's about time for something new to look into. Is a year and a half enough time to break in the loot from the packs? I think so. As loot types change and drop rates fluctuate, time between packs may change, though a year and a half may be a little much.

Do We Really Need More?

Lastly, let's open up for a little bit of discussion. Lots of players love packs - the loot from them is unique and interesting and they're wonderful as gifts to others. Yet, other players despise them, some for sucking up crowns and others for how they create a monopoly of player classes. My question, however, is asking if we really need more stuff. 

Sure, themed loot is awesome and I'd jump at the chance to find something else unique for my pirate to don. However, considering that packs are even better as figureheads for updates, will we really need to see more between them? I think this is up to the players and how they use this new pack, as well as being up to KI in how Pirate101's crown shop will follow Wizard101's. 

What do you think? I'm definitely a fan of this new pack, since I love anything related to Grizzleheim. I think that I like the slower flow of packs, since it won't be too overwhelming in updates or on my budget. I'm not sure about release schedules yet, but I'll be keeping an eye on things. Let me know of your thoughts in the comments section below!

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