September 13, 2014

The Art of Nefariousness

It's that kind of realization, like how you figure out you'll never see yourself in live-action, un-mirrored. You'll never strike up a conversation with yourself or be able to give yourself a proper hug. But then again, if I was apart from myself and had a confrontation, I don't have a clue what I'd do.

And then, I got an offer to go the farthest I could to figure that out.

I got an idea as to what exactly would go down when I entered the eighth level of the Tower of Moo Manchu. After a briefing on floor seven, I doffed my top hat and weapons and charged into battle with the five I would soon join, making no hesitation to go and drink the potion. In my excitement, I could practically feel the bubbling stuff empowering me.

"Swashbuckler on the loose!" one of my teammates announced. Nefarious-Destiny soon charged towards him, half-wittedly wielding her wooden sword. Though none of her blows made contact, it was a thrilling experience. I'm still partially convinced that I was a nuisance in battle just for being there to get in peoples' faces.

I had brought a companion along. In my excitement, though, and my lack of captain, I had turned rash, putting her up against the nefarious swashbuckler. I couldn't have made a wronger decision, and the companion was defeated within that turn. I knew I shouldn't have tried the swashbuckler when I sent her in, but I clicked on it anyways and made a bold statement that I'd win.

Following that was a lot of waiting for the battle to be finished. There was some talk and plenty of racing to get the job finished quickly. And at the end of it all, I'd found myself new eyes, and, separate from that, a new viewpoint. It still beats me whether it's a PvP philosophy, battle tactic or whatever it could be, but I've learned that a crew falls apart without its captain. Though small and stubborn, the PC might as well be the glue that holds the companions together. When that glue adheres the nefarious, then it's up to the aid of others to pry things back apart. 
Keep Traveling

*And to tie up loose
ends, I bet that if I
saw myself, I'd invite
her to PvP.

Thanks to Swordroll, Chrissy and Logan for taking me along on a tower run. Above photo courtesy of Logan, edited by me. 

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  1. Really well written (like I expected anything less) and fabulous graphic. You did a beautiful job on it and it captures the mood wonderfully. Well done once more. :D


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