"Nefarious" - Pirate101 Fan-Fiction - Part 3

When Jason stumbled into the next room some time later, bruised and stifling pain in his knees, an intense wave of heat hit his cheeks, making him cringe. Faye and Benjamin didn’t seem to be doing so much better, but they helped each other along, leaving no room for Jason to lean on a shoulder. However, for his tall, wiry frame, he still held himself up alright.

He felt the presence of Moo Manchu likely before villain would recognize his. It tore at his attention span and forced him to look up towards a balcony and straight into the bull’s eyes. 

Destiny fell to the ground, grunting in surprise as she landed shoulders-first. Groot pointed his sword down at her. Calamity cheered off to the side and Evan whistled, polishing his blade. After several minutes of fencing with Destiny, both Evan’s and her own weapon had gotten damaged from expert sparring skills. After picking herself up, she shook Groot’s hand and wiped her brow. Calamity had put her coat and knee pads back on, and she punched excitedly at the air, practicing her techniques, all of which required brute strength and timed blows. Destiny pulled her coat on loosely and fastened her hat from the inside so that it would be snug. She would have brought a better weapon than her light blade if she knew she’d be fighting more than expected.

Meanwhile, Kevin had been leaning against the rail on the edge of the room, reading through Destiny’s map and map fragments. “You know,” he called to her, “These are very detailed. Where do you find the time?”

Destiny walked over to the map Kevin was holding. It was an area in Grizzleheim, her adoptive homeland. She had walked the paths there too many times to count and she was able to ink in almost every tree that she had touched. “At night,” she concluded, “I drew those at night. The skies I draw during the day. My friend...” she paused to decide if he was still deserving of the adjective, pushing the topic for later, “My friend Jason would do most of the steering and I’d work the navigation. These yours?” From the ground, Destiny picked up a pair of sunglasses. Evan was also wearing them. She brushed them off with the side of her hand, handing them back to Kevin.

Around them, the light from flickering lamps illuminated smiles. Though their situation was nestled uncomfortably in the middle of a tower teeming with danger, Groot and his crew had still found a way to push all those thoughts away. Destiny grinned at the irony and shouldered her maps, following Groot towards the next room.


“I see you’ve made your way up in one piece,” Manchu commented dryly, his booming voice making the room practically shake. “Blaze, show them in.” Behind a boiling solution of sorts, a buccaneer showed his face, smiling back at Jason and walking in to shake his hand.

“Don’t do it!” Benjamin cried, but when the buccaneer touched Jason’s hand, all that occurred was a careful embrace and greeting on either side. Blaze had a thick Marleybonian accent, Jason’s words sounding rash in contrast. Blaze walked back to his original station with a sort of swagger that made Jason slightly unnerved. He couldn’t exactly detect why.

Perhaps, he supposed, it was because with every step, Blaze seemed to stagger as if he’d fall over...but he never did.

“You know,” Faye said, “I think he’s alright.” Benjamin raised an eyebrow and thought through things, or so Jason inferred. In a literal sense, it seemed that Benjamin started into space for a few moments before nodding. Blaze smiled and clapped his hands together in excitement.

“Glad you think it,” he said with a pearly grin, “It’s been a long time since I’ve really gotten to talk to people. Sit down and have some Yum, you’ve been going for a long time.” He filled three mugs from the solution boiling in the center of the room and offered them around. Jason didn’t take one. He remained standing while the others sat on the floor, Blaze taking the first swig of the stuff. Nothing happened and he only smiled wider. Jason backed up a pace in confusion and then looked back upward.

Manchu was still there, eyes glowing. In a moment’s time, all eyes were on him. He took his spear in both hands and waved it in front of himself. Faye, Benjamin, and Blaze stood and drew their own weapons, making a quick advance while high above, Moo Manchu laughed and disappeared into the shadows. Jason's friends' eyes reddened until they glowed, unnatural smiles stretching across their faces.