September 7, 2014

"Nefarious" - Pirate101 Fan-Fiction - Part 2

“So how'd all of you wind up here?” Destiny asked, balancing on the railing and sitting crosslegged. She didn't like the idea of taking a break; It left the team vulnerable. For the few minutes that she had known them, she was caring an awful lot, on her standards. It probably had to do with the fact that their collective efforts saved her life. The inside of the tower yielded no weather, forcing the team to doff their overcoats and heavier armor plates as they recuperated, discarding them in a disorganized pile off to Destiny's right. Calamity had brought preserved Yum-Yum fruit and each of the party members shared it, Destiny taking half a portion. She was unaccustomed to the taste but decided that it was still good eating, knowing that there would be some fresh fruits on higher levels of the tower.

“Same as everyone else,” Groot grumbled, “Dugan never shuts his beak.” Evan chuckled in agreement, tearing off a tough bite of the fruit with his teeth and chewing with obvious effort.

“Everyone wants in on Moo Manchu's riches,” Kevin explained, carefully polishing his weapon with a rag, “When we heard that nobody was coming, we happily hopped up to the challenge. However, we've come to realize that more than nobody's been here.” 
Destiny nodded, finishing her portion and washing it down with some Yum-n-ade in a flask on her belt. “Who were you with before...before we found you?”

Destiny raised an eyebrow. “Friend of mine. Jason. And two other fellows who we met at the entrance. Originally, we wanted to just scope out the place, but the other two insisted we'd go in. A shame.”

“But they left you behind,” Evan pointed out, brow furrowed. Calamity and Groot stood after some hushed conversation, beginning to spar hand-to-hand in the battlefield.

“I wasn't about to be carried along,” Destiny rationalized, thinking hard on the topic. She put it aside for later. Perhaps she'd catch up to Jason and give him a good talking-to. “So, Evan. Think you're fast?


Destiny hopped off of the railing and gestured to Calamity and Groot. “Come on, let's see what you're made of!”


“Do you think we should go back for her later?” Jason jogged to keep up with the other two, “You know, in case she’s woken up and decided to tear down the place? I’d wager that -”

“Nah,” a Buccaneer called from ahead, massive hiraga bouncing on his back as he ascended to the next level, “If she’s as tough as you say she is, she’ll be just fine.”

“I can tell that there are many others below,” the second pirate said, hands glowing a faint green that lit the surfaces around her, “We don’t want to be running into them, I don’t think.” Jason nodded painfully, thinking of his friend that he had just...left behind. If it were up to him, he would have carried her. “Good, room ahead looks pretty fun,” the witchdoctor called back, “Hurry up.” Jason jogged a little faster, light armor clinking on his chest. His feet creaked from all the running. He didn’t understand why it was so important to be going at such a fast pace when they needed to be saving energy. When he thought about it, he realized that it was a question that Destiny was the most qualified to answer.

The room opened up into a larger space than normal filled with the same pigs as before. Odd black flames lit the corners. Jason couldn’t see any braziers. “Hey, Benj,” Jason pointed out, “Think that those flames -”

“Chaa-arge!” the witchdoctor, Faye, called out, racing into the center of the room, the pigs stumbling into action. Benjamin followed quickly after, leaving Jason to toddle behind and join in the fight last. The fires began to spread, igniting the sand itself on the ground.

“I’m not really liking those,” he commented, striking a pig before they got separated by the fires. Faye used ranged attacks until a wall of smoke and flame covered her viewpoint. Meanwhile, Benjamin was still absorbed in the flames, trying to put them out with everything he knew. He too got boxed in by the flames. Eyebrows flying up in nervousness, Jason made quick work of the current attacker and dodged crossbow bolts as he tore through the flames, pulling each of his allies out one after the other. A little bit of anger boiled inside him, wanting to scold them for not working together. But remembering the task at hand, he decided that there would be a better time for things. Barely downing the last pig, Jason pulled both Faye and Benjamin out by the elbows, running straight into the next small chamber. Fresh air filled his lungs and the three spent a good amount of time coughing more than anything.

“If I were smarter,” Faye said, rubbing her irritated eyes, “I’d have gotten out of the way. Gotta hand it to you, Jason.”

“Yeah, you Bilge Rat,” Benjamin snapped back, “Thanks for making yourself useful.” Jason cringed at the term and tried to brush it off. His friend was still in mind.

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