Four Things I'd Pay Crowns For

With the release of the new hoard pack in Pirate101 (read my thoughts here), many more crowns options are being opened up in the minds of many players whose favorite pastimes include what-if crafting and proposing additions to the game. Having spent over two thousand crowns and counting within the Tower of Moo Manchu, I decided to step up and see what I would want to spend the rest on...if any of these things existed.

Mount Dying

In Beta, Pirate101 mounts were dyable! My favorite mount was the batacuda and I wore it in my current flag colors of yellow and blue. However, this was changed when Pirate101 hit live. I'm not sure why it was changed, since people seemed to very much enjoy it. In the future, I'd love to see it return for at least some mounts like the batacuda. I'd also be interested in dying my pegasus. Pricing would definitely depend on the mount, though I think 100-500 crowns is a good range in which to consider pricing it.

Will Mount Dying be available in a later update? It's pretty possible, considering that more stitching options are being implemented as Pirate101 popularizes. I think, however, that this will need a little player backing. I'll be putting a few of my ideas in a messageboards post later.

Movable In-home PvP Sigils

I love PvP. I'm not very good and I'm a little shy to try, but when I actually get out to give it a stab, then I find it lots of fun to play around with. I especially love looking at the different options within player houses for PvP. In my swashbuckler house, there are places that I want to be able to give PvP a try like inside the half-gone Armada ship and in the lagoon portion. I think that a good way to implement this would be through a for-crowns, movable PvP sigil. The sigil would mark the center of the board and it could be placed anywhere with enough room, allowing for obstacles to a certain extent (x squares blocked, for instance).

Pricing for this would be a little expensive, I'd imagine, but I think it would be worth the buy not only for PvP enjoyment, but for photography options when taking battle screenshots. I'd love to take a picture of throwing knives under the rose petals on my lookout!

  Ship Stitching

This is an idea that came to me today. What if pirates could stitch ships? It's still an idea in progress, but what I envision is that a pirate would be able to stitch a fully-equipped ship that they can access onto another ship of its type, but not necessarily its origin. A pirate with Aquilan galleon that's fully equipped can stitch it onto the The only exclusions would be the raft (since there is no other raft in a world) and any ships that a pirate can't access. Pricing would be dependent on the ship with the statistics and would vary greatly.

As for its availability later, I'm not quite sure ship stitching in the way I picture it will happen. If there are no flaws that I can see when I decide to propose the idea later on, then I'll go ahead and let more people know. See anything that could use fixing? Let me know!

In-Home Stormgate/Skyway

This is something that the community of idea-submitters of the messageboards have been very keen on since pirate housing came out. If our ship is docked right outside, then what is stopping us from sailing around in the places around our houses? Probably just a need to design the roam-able area, but this could also be a good outlet for the nautical PvP that players have also requested. 

Either one of these features, I think, will actually be implemented into the game. Maybe even both! Pricing for either would likely be nonexistent. However, another idea came up. What about a stormgate in the sky of one's home? It would work like a teleport tapestry, I suppose, allowing a pirate to go to the hub skyway of one particular location. Its pricing would likely be similar to that of a tapestry. 

Four and Growing

There are many, many things I'd happily throw in a few crowns for. These are the first four that came to mind, and there may be many more as I continue to think on the subject. What do you think? Would you enjoy these, too? Can you think of any more? If I like what I see in the comments section below, I may feature responses in a future post, so leave me a note!
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  1. Great ideas. I love all of them. I really love your graphics. How did you do that? Drawing on top of a opaque layer? It's really unique looking and very eye catching.

    1. Good question! I have a picture of my pegasus mount and I put a transparent layer on top of that. I then used my mousepad to go over it in green and white. The exception is the crowns symbol, which I simply went over without deleting the bottom layer, thus the noise on the outside. Glad you liked the pictures!

  2. Fair Ashley HolystoneSeptember 19, 2014

    '' Movable PVP sigils''..... Destiny, you're a genius! :D Lol, that would be so cool to have, if it were real I'd move that pvp thing lower, near the lagoon. In it's previous place i think i'd manage to create a lovely courtyard for my friend to hang out...yea, that would be great :)


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