September 2, 2014

A Lesson from PAX Prime 2014

See these? These are pins. Like badges in Pirate101, I earned them by doing things at PAX Prime 2014 just yesterday. For some, like the rare Tiamat (left side above the Extra Credits pin), I just had to be in the right place at the right time while supporting a company's game. Pins like Merch (very bottom) and Bard Rock were given to me by my close friends. 

Yet other pins, like the gold piece right below Bard Rock, were earned by playtesting games in development. Almost all of these pins were earned by walking around and taking a look at things, seeing what there was to see - and most importantly, playing what there was to play. 

I saw so many interesting games that I wouldn't have ever thought of. A pin that isn't shown promotes a game based off Native Alaskan storytelling. The guy in the hat - Mr. Hatty Hattington - represents the major company called Behemoth. Behemoth has put out tons of really fun multiplayer games like Battleblock Theater! The pin above and to the right of Merch is a family-friendly game about a PI for the paranormal! I was so surprised by all of the things that made these games so unique and interesting in their own ways. 

PAX taught me that there is always room for more when it comes to the creative spectrum. That's a philosophy I hope to promote in my blog and that I see every day that I log onto Pirate101. Gaming is an adventure that is immortalized in memories of fun things like PAX and Pirate101, and there's only more to come. 

Keep Traveling

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