The Role Model

"Can somebody help me?" 

I was running out of things to do, one afternoon too hot to venture outside on. I was roaming through Pirate101, a little too lazy to assign my companions and go chest hunting. But, I was still in the mood for a battle. I approached this person and answered them, crossing my fingers that they actually needed questing assistance. My luck shined through and I was on a ship towards the Maria Celestia within minutes of talk.

Normally, when I help lower-leveled players, they're friends of mine and understand that I have companions from far-off worlds and high hit totals. When I stepped into battle with this player, I laughed a little to myself at how incredibly shocked he was. I started to experiment with different types of hits and casually showed off all the interesting types of hits I knew.

At the end of the run, we were talking about the features of Pirate101. I had mentioned pets and how to access them, as well as houses and add-ons that the player would likely get to try later. After we completed the quest, I showed him my house with my ship conveniently parked nearby. Needless to say, the player was very excited.

As I stood idle in my house, I thought over how this player was reacting. I had read somewhere that players of higher levels were supposed to be role models of sorts, showing newer players how much fun the game was and what surprises progression could entail. Was I doing it right? Was I showing off or was I promoting? I thought back to my own days as a newer player, looking all the shiny higher-ups and their weapons. How they fought. The sizes of their ships. I wanted to find out how I could do that. I was so...curious.

Something new then dawned upon me, and it shocked me a little bit.

I wasn't the role model at all.
This player was.


  1. Wow, Masterfully written and very profound. You have once again taken me to school and taught me to look at things another way. This young grasshopper is another step closer to being a better mentor. Thank you.

  2. Fair Ashley HolystoneAugust 08, 2014

    The experience of helping lower levels is actually a really fun thing. I have plenty friends like that and I help them in whatever way I can, answer questions about my abilities and throw in a quick hint or...spoiler. Hey they ask for it, I can't resist going on about some main story parts :P
    It's such a good feeling, I say, but sometimes I get into this sort of thing as a ''friend overload''. It's when a bunch of lower lvl friends ask my help in one time. That happens occasionally...

  3. Ashley,

    Haha, that happened to me, too. I try to help two or three people and friend the ones I intend to get to so I can whisper-chat them instead of saying anything out loud in order to attract attention.

    Thanks for the anecdote! I really appreciate it. And thank you, Chrissy, for your kind words.



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