August 1, 2014

Rediscovering Favorite Destinations in Pirate101

J. Todd Coleman, co-creator of Wizard101 and Pirate101, favorited a Tweet of mine the other day:
I forgot how much I loved wandering about in Pirate101, exploring every nook and cranny.
— Destiny Devereaux (@DSDevereaux)
For the first time since weeks before I got a new computer, I was going through Pirate101 not on a mad-dash for pet snacks or bazaar finds; Or speed-through of a dungeon; Or fumbling for screenshots or post research. For the first time in a while, I just decided to take my ship out and sail wherever I wanted to on a whim, hoping to load back in the worlds of the nautical Spiral.

What I ran into, often upon instinct, made my day upon several occasions.

Rediscovering Raven Island

There's something so calming about Raven Island. It's winter and very quiet except for the chimes and the wind pushing light snow aside. The ice is reflective and you are reminded that it's only you facing yourself for the majority of the storyline there. I found this part of the game to be a nice breath of solitude and tranquility before I plunged right back into the Mooshu madness.

What's to be Done at Yama Kai?

I stumbled into this place while hunting for random mob fights. Having zoomed through the storyline of Yama Kai without a second thought, I found much of the scenery completely new. I intend to go back here and take out a few of the sidequests. What I enjoy most about this part of the world is that I'm completely sure it's unique - not some 101 Déjà Vu or something stiff and unappealing, and I think that's what makes Yama Kai so refreshing.


Originally, Laestrygon terrified me due to the abnormal walking patterns. Heck, it still does, but now that I'm fully leveled I have a little more confidence in my fighting capabilities to actually enjoy the area. It's a lot different from other areas in Aquila and I'm disappointed that there's so little to explore. This place was designed very well to be both challenging to navigate but short to get across if done right. I'd love to explore the structures on the cliffs!

Do Mind the Cannons! 

En route for fan-fiction research, I set out into the middle of the Marleybonian skyway to fight a few Flying Fish for the heck of it. I fought with my all-swash team and, finding it simple, zoned out a little. It was the sound of an explosion - a very realistic-sounding one - that brought me back to the screen.
"What was that!?" I stammered excitedly, listening for more. Pirate101 has captured the sounds of sky-based war in such a way that it caught me off-guard and dragged me back into the mood. Nicely done.

"But Destiny, what's the point of this post?" 

Is that a challenge? Let me throw one right back at you. I've had a wonderful time rediscovering some of my favorite places in Pirate101. You give it a try - go out in-game and just go exploring. Some street full of mobs that annoyed you. Go into every building you can in one area and choose a favorite to do again. Just keep looking for something to smile at, because even the process is fulfilling. 

Keep Traveling 

thanks to Chrissy the Blesser for assisting with the Yama Kai and Raven Island pictures


  1. You are singing to the choir here. I have loved just wandering around the spiral just to see what is around that corner. Those that quest with me have grown accustomed to waiting around as I poke around new areas. I try to restrain myself when with others but on Pirate when it's just me and my crew, they all bring books to keep busy while their Captain wanders off to just absorb the beauty. :D

  2. Fair Ashley HolystoneAugust 02, 2014

    Ah...I used to do this on max till my membership ran out. Yes, I may have wasted a bit, but I do not,I repeat, Do Not regret sightseeing and meeting my old allies that once accompanied me in difficult adventures. I wish on getting another membership, because the nostalgia is digging in deeper than my swashbuckler's daggers :(

  3. Ashley,

    Keep an eye on Travels this month.



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