August 26, 2014

"Nefarious" - Pirate101 Fan-Fiction - Part 1

“Don't bother waking her up,” a voice groaned, followed by a cut-off word of protest and the clinking of swords on metal buttons. Nearby, fire crackled, wood hissing and popping from the flames. “She's got too many wounds,” the same voice complained, “It's not worth the ener- oww!” Scuffling was heard in the background as Destiny opened her eyes slowly, her mouth dry and everything seeming to hurt. A small jolt of energy filled her, willing her awake. She opened her eyes all the way and blinked the blurriness out, trying to sit up. A hand grabbed hers and pulled her to a sitting position. Gritting her teeth in dizziness, Destiny remained still for a moment as the people around her came into clearer view.

“Hello,” she said hoarsely. The one who had helped her up seemed to be from Skull Island, the nuances of the local culture in his garments instilling minimal trust. Destiny saw her own reflection in the swashbuckler's sunglasses and she cringed at the state of her slowly healing face. She reached behind her, feeling for her familiar top hat. With a dignified grin, she slipped it on and slowly stood, having to use the swashbuckler for support.

“What happened back there?” A girl piped up, making her way to help brush off Destiny's clothes while Destiny herself stood still in unfamiliarity. “I can't believe they just...left you there.” Destiny shrugged, inspecting the state of the room. It wasn't worse than she had last seen it, though that time felt like ages ago after a long, unexpected rest. She glared sideways at the Privateer, trying to piece together what she had said.

“Who left me?” Bending down again on her own now stable legs, Destiny removed from the ground a medium-sized scroll, re-rolling it and placing it in a case nearby. She shook the case a little and a few small pieces of paper fell out. She sighed in immense relief as she discreetly put them back.

“The bandits.” Destiny nodded in semi-understanding. It didn't make sense to her, either. “I'm Calamity, by the way.”

“Destiny,” Destiny croaked, clearing her throat, “Destiny Devereaux.” Idle in the back, a musketeer's eyes widened. He approached her, beaming.

“Destiny Devereaux? The cartographer?” Destiny laughed, rubbing the back of her neck. What she had put back into her case was an unfinished map of some skyway whose name she had yet to remember (and thus write down).

“And you're Kevin Newell. I heard tell of your work in the Labyrinth back in Nova Aquila. It's really fascinating how -”

“Okay, you two.” Tearing through Kevin and Destiny was the same individual who had been complaining earlier. “Enough with the nerd talk, let's get moving. And I am Groot. Captain Groot. And that's Evan over there,” Groot motioned to the swashbuckler, who waved and smiled. “Are you going to fight for us or not?” Destiny's mind clicked. She had entered with three others, and they were nowhere to be seen. Had they left the tower? Had they been taken out with herself left behind? She swallowed her suspicions. Evan had healed her, and a favor was only repayable in one way, according to her.

“Yeah,” she said, nodding more to the ground than to an individual. Groot nodded and gestured with his arm for all those under him – and Destiny – to come along to the next room. Picking up two sharp blades from the ground, Destiny followed along in the back, at last finding a sheet of parchment near the end of the room with minimal scribbling. She took a long look at the room, toddling along in the back, and made a mark on the parchment with her fingernail before continuing on.

“Ugh, it's another guarded room,” Calamity announced as Destiny caught up. When she tried to take another step forward, Groot's arm was there to bar the way.

“Don't move,” he grumbled, “Get any closer and they'll attack. Okay, Evan goes in first, then Kevin. Then Calamity. Destiny, you're in last.” The crew executed the orders, running in as planned. Destiny left her scrolls on the side and dove into the battle, wielding her dual weapons. She found herself back-to-back with Evan as he threw violet-black invisibility powder into the air, shrouding them in screens of shimmering nothingness. Parting, Evan continued to immediately attack the first enemy he saw before it would blindly swing at him. His blades connected as a massive burst of sparks filled the room for a brief moment, clearing up first around Kevin, and then the crew. Destiny used the force of the explosion to scatter poison spores from a drawstring bag on her waist. Calamity and Groot, however, were quick to charge, using the enemies' stunned moments to attack. Groot coughed on the spores, and Calamity took an extra few seconds to bring their stamina back up.

“Don't hit the statues,” Kevin called from the back, “I heard that they can animate.” Charging in after Groot, Destiny fought out of the way a crossbowman about to push a statue over. A clattering startled Destiny, though. Calamity cringed beside shattered ceramic, a wisp inside of the statue forming into a Foo Lion that snarled back. As Evan took out the last of the pigs, the entire crew surrounded the new creature, glaring at it in wonder. Destiny knelt down behind Kevin, watching it and taking notes on a scrap of parchment from her pocket.

“I've seen these things,” she mentioned, “But not as dark and demented as this one. I wonder what -” Another explosion cut her off. Groot clapped his hands off, having thrown a bomb and making the wisp retreat into the shattered statue. Destiny opened her mouth in protest, but maintained her silence and stood, casting a disappointed glare on Groot. It was at this time that she noticed the state of the crew. Groot and Calamity were both built tough, but they seemed to be breathing raggedly. From attacking from the back, Kevin seemed to be holding up alright, though Evan was in the worst shape. As the four of them sat down near the other end of the room, Calamity and Groot began attending to various wounds. Destiny took her maps and continued scribbling on the one she had been working on earlier. She re-approached the Foo Lion statue and tinkered with the fragments a little bit before sitting on a railing above where the crew rested. She remained crouched on the railing, watching the doors for any intruders while the others rested. It was what little she could do to repay a growing debt.

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