August 13, 2014

Ian Sharp: Dear Destiny

Destiny, you have been a phenomenal friend for as long as I've known you, and your creativity is astounding and admirable. Your passion for writing is a beautiful thing and I wish so badly that I shared the same passion. Perhaps if I did I would have finished a book by now. You continue to amaze me with your compassion for those close to you and your dedication to your work and friends. You are a fierce individual and working for you has been a privilege and a wonderful opportunity. Your site is so well done and your posts show the mark of someone who cares for their work and works hard at it. Keep creating amazing work and keep inspiring those with your work. You are bound to go far and you've already made it so far. Enjoy your day and Happy Blogoversary. 

Your "Intern" and more importantly, your Friend.

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