Four Ways the Summer Updates Will Change Gameplay

It's new. It's magnificent. It's...Nautically Nefarious? In terms of the summer Test Realm that was released last Wednesday, that seems to be the trending adjective. One of the most talked-about changes to the game released in the latest test-update is the opening of the massive tower on the Paths of Penance. Guides are popping up everywhere (check this one out!) and fans are head-over-heels for the new challenge! Players on Twitter are posting their progression and I'm even writing some fan-fiction to go along with it.

Less spoken-of are lots of other new changes, from flag-dying (very much wanted), ctrl+G addition to battles (very much appreciated) and other little changes in the game that allow for much more accessibility to players. Of course, with more accessibility options come topics deserving of much debate. Let's take a look at some of the hottest topics.


Can those of you in the audience raise your hands if you remember going to a far-off destination before transportalators existed? Those things have absolutely spoiled me! In fact, I didn't sail my ship until Advanced Pets came in and depleted my gold supply. For members, these are some of the most useful assets in the game and with not a lot of time on my own hands, I've definitely benefited.

One of the newest updates in the game is a stagecoach to areas in Cool Ranch. Cool Ranch is a massive world, and it's one world that I can say with complete confidence can be completely mapped, as some players have shown. This makes navigation through its numerous skyways a giant time-suck, especially when we need to get somewhere fast (Right?). In general, I agree with the stagecoach. It's a great way for the game to be progressed through faster for those who need it. But don't forget - at least upon occasion - to make the long trek yourself, and enjoy the gorgeous scenery Cool Ranch has to offer!

Following Trends

Even after I've spouted my adoration for the Tower of Moo Manchu, I've still got tons more to say about it! People have been saying that this challenge is very similar to Wizard101's Waterworks. There's a lot of unique gear involved, and for someone at the appropriate level, it's a difficult challenge. (Even for a team of level 65 pirates, companions were lost!) However, some may refuse to call this tower the Waterworks of Pirate101. Where's the puzzling, unique aspect besides the storyline of the tower involving pirates and...well, you'll just have to see.
Without spoiling too much about the tower, it's really a toss-up whether or not this is the Waterworks of the sister game. I'm leaning towards a 'yes' simply due to the fact that there is lots of great gear to be had. Some may argue that it comes at a higher price (in time) but at least for me, the gear haul per tower run has been very good every time.

Gear Farming

Still holding onto the Tower a little bit longer, let's take a more in-depth look at the gear while also peeking at the addition of Doubloon Trading. Gear from the tower is auctionable, meaning that players with less time to farm may be able to snag their loot at the bazaar. Because I play a Swashbuckler and a Musketeer without any intentions to start more characters soon, I'll be selling a LOT of the gear that I get! To keep people playing the tower, I think that drop rates may need to be toyed with to keep questing demand.
Doubloon Trading is a little different. Doubloons, the shiny new items gained from Group Plunder Chests released in the spring, can now be traded between players. This provides a great advantage to players who don't have the time to really get out and go farming for extra doubloons. However, what will be the aspect on PvP? Will some Doubloons lead low-level PVPers to "unfair" success? Only time will tell.

Shortening Miranda

For a fully-leveled Pirate, Miranda is just a chain of fast mobs in order to finally hit the goal of defeating Captain Blood for his gear. For farmers, trimming down Miranda is a big sigh of relief. I can imagine that this is a step in the right direction for players completing Miranda for the main quest, too, since it's a huge challenge, especially when undertaken in less-than-prime circumstances like a small team.

I actually haven't peeked into Miranda yet to see the exact changes. What do you think about the changes in particular? Do some quest goals need to stay? How about Bosun Budd, a favorite boss that's undergone a few changes? Let me know in the comments section below - I'll shoot you an answer as fast as I can!


So, as a broader question to all of those enjoying (or at least enjoying talk of) the Test Realm: How do you think the recent changes will affect gameplay, either for the better or for the less convenient? Let me know what you've tried and your experiences around it. Just be respectful - I'm not keen towards the too nefarious in my comments, haha.
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  1. You have summed it up quite nicely. Lets not forget the new pets and mounts and the ability to transfer pet snacks to other pirates now.
    Great info here. Thanks.

  2. The link for the guide isn't working.

    1. Whoops! I have a nasty habit of formatting my text last and I tend to miss hyperlinks. Thanks for letting me know; it should be fixed within a few minutes of me making this comment (10:42 PM PST).


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