August 18, 2014

Coming Soon: Very Nefarious Fan-Fiction

Common knowledge states that there is a challenge in the depths of Mooshu that tests pirates beyond their perceptions of difficulty and pushes them to their limits in a contest and quest for the ultimate victory against the tyranny of Moo Manchu. Just as commonly known is that this tower is nearly impossible to do alone. 

Any dedicated pirate crew will at one point come in contact with the Nefarious Tower on the Paths of Penance. Some come through absolutely unscathed and others will come through barely conscious - or worse, fooled beyond the worst of fates within the tower's walls.  

With the crews of pirates dedicated to thwarting the reign of Moo Manchu, it came to happen that two wound up a single fight's length from colliding. For one pirate, this spells disaster. For this pirate's crew, opportunity and advantage. And for two certain scalawags having been separated in a moment's blind choice, a series of grueling quests and tough decisions lie ahead. When nautical meets nefarious, everything is put on the line in a series of battles that push the limits of speed, strength, and character. 

In four thrilling portions, a new fan-fiction featuring five community members is to hit the Spiral very soon. See it first on Destiny's Travels!


Captain Eli Groot
First Mate Evan Silver
Tactician Kevin Newell
Prized Swabbie "Clumsy" Calamity 
Destiny Devereaux
Jason Heath

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