July 10, 2014

Twin Wings

The second flapping
Wasn't mine. 
A swashbuckler zoomed by, flapping dust into my bootlaces. 
The island ambiance was
unfortunately indifferent
besides us.

When canvas and string 
joined its other, I 
celebrated the chase 
with anxious comment
and flight. 

"Hey, wait up!"


I was following this fellow around for what turned out to be a few minutes, though it all felt like seconds in my nervous pursuit. Was he wearing a top hat? Was he a swashbuckler? (Yes, he was!)

As a player, I love my individuality when it comes to choosing what I want to have equipped. The top hat is incredibly special to me and I love the way my boots are laced. I paired this with clockwork wings to add to the mood and contribute to my growing obsession with clockwork activity. However, as I find others with similar features, I find myself more in wonder and enthusiasm than frustration at my attempt to be "unique", however far that can go with statistic probability of gear selections. 

In fact, I felt to be a part of something. A part of something spectacular, piratey...and oh-so-classy. Yes, especially that. Have a good weekend, everyone.

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  1. Chrissy The BlesserJuly 10, 2014

    Well done and delights me as usual. Never stop, the fruits of your labors are SO enjoyed by so many.


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