Ian Sharp: I Can Has Leviathan Plushie?

For as long as I've played Wizard101 I've wondered why kingsisle didn't merchandise their brand when they had so many opportunities. And even now with Pirate101 there are so many things they could do! They may have some very valid reasons they haven't merchandised yet but I still think there are some neat things they could do if they wanted to...

I know what you're probably thinking, "but KI does have merchandise! You can go buy an awesome shirt from their zazzle store!" I don't know about you but I've actually been to the zazzle stores and they have some decent stuff but in my opinion anyone can go throw a logo on a sweatshirt, I want legit cool stuff; I'm talking figurines and stuffed toys and that sort. Here's what I wish I could buy from KI:

Small figures of important characters from Ambrose to Lafitte, to enemies and creatures! The figure alone is cool and KI could top it off by giving figured exclusive codes. So for example buying a Malistaire figure could have an exclusive item only obtainable through buying that figure. Then there would be a want to buy the figures and an addition of rare items in the game.

Please don't tell me I'm too old for a giant stuffed storm shark..... I think it would be epic to make stuffed versions of some of the creatures in the spiral! When I was little my stuffed animals were a huge source of imaginary game play and having these toys could help translate in game play to play outside or around the house. (I apologize for not being an uber awesome Photoshop expert who can make fake stuffed toys.... So the renders will just have to do, imagine them as fluffy...)

This applies more to Wizard101, but collectible cards seem literally the easiest thing for KI. They already have a abundance from the battle style of Wizard101 so all you'd have to do is print pack and sell them! They can be used to collect and trade or even maybe duel with? (You know you would)

My host Destiny has an affinity with a particular hat in Pirate101, now imagine if you could go buy some of the in game clothes, on top of really cool graphic shirts and costume pieces?

You've probably seen pictures of "Falmea's Hot Sauce" or other stuff floating around KI's offices, imagine being able to have your own bottle of it? Or a bottle of yum? Posters? Mugs? KI has plenty of options here, and I'd buy most of them.

Any other cool ideas? What would you want to see from KI? Why do you think KI hasn't made merchandise to this level yet? Comment and tell me!

PS: I apologize for the rather not impressive banners, making fake merchandise is a LOT harder than it looks and not having images of what's in my head doesn't help, I hope you can image what I did and want it just as bad!!

Yarr! Thanks again to Ian for helping me out during this busy month! -DSD 


  1. Chrissy The BlesserJuly 13, 2014

    Fantastic ideas and I am in LOVE with the T Shirt designs. Just breathtaking. <3

  2. Fair Ashley HolystoneJuly 15, 2014

    Oh this is just Epic with a capital E. Ian, I like your idea.
    If there would be a stuffed animal I would totally buy it, ignoring my parents saying '' you're too old''.
    If there'd be figurines I'd buy them merely to decorate my room :D
    Wonderful ideas. I hope KI sees this.


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