July 6, 2014

Ian Sharp: An Attempt at Housing in Pirate101

Avast! I've commandeered this here blog and I'm gonna start me own fleet of awesome websites! Now hand me yer comments or walk the plank! In all seriousness, hi! You might have noticed I'm not Destiny; good, that means you can read! Hi I'm. Ian and you'll be stuck with me for a month as I'm an interim blogger here at Destiny's Travels! I'm going to be bringing you four amazing blog posts over the next four Sundays, so hold on to your boots and hang on for the ride! If you're curious about me or my work you can see more of me at wizardsunite.com or unpetiteswashbuckler.webs.com and my twitter is @ianstormstaff. Without further ado, here is my post: 

I'm an adept house decorator in Wizard101, I LOVE finding furniture and building my houses up until they are perfect. When I started Pirate101 back in beta I pretty much ignored housing because I was so immersed in the other content (woohoo I can shoot things, woohoo I can fly a ship, woohoo I can dye my mount [they removed that feature later in beta]) and even neglected it in Live game after release. It wasn't really until they released the class housing that I bothered to look into the potential of Pirate101's housing feature. I bought a Swashbuckler house and threw a few decorations inside, and then forgot about it; when I bought my Emperors Bundle I ignored the beautiful house it came with as well. However recently I had 50,000 gold to blow and furniture looked nice, so I impulse bought some cool stuff and off I went to play around in my Swashbuckler's house. I quickly ran out of money but after Ed's NXP party I'm back to maybe 30,000, and I'm going to keep playing with housing. I have some ideas for Pirate101 Housing, but first I want to show you some of my work in my house (you can scroll past the images if you're more interested in my ideas)

Before I go into some ideas for housing, I want to cover my observations and limitations I've found in housing so far:

  • The furniture selection is crushingly limited, and there is more cruddy Skull Island junk than real furniture from any other world. (KI has plenty of time to add new furniture though, Wizard wasn't always bursting with its selection)
  • The Bazaar is great to find rare items, but is so small there isn't much to pick from when generally shopping for furniture. This will of course change as Pirate101 grows
  • Pirate101 has already adapted some things it took Wizard101 years to do, they already allow pets/mounts to be placed, and have a selection of teleporters (that I must say look MUCH cooler than Wizard101's teleporters)
  • Pirate101 lacks furniture to match the houses it has provided (as in the selection is small, I can only use so much Swash furniture before it look repetitive) to be fair Wizard101 is also limited in this fashion, I find it hard to decorate some of my houses because there is no furniture for that world that the house is based on *cough cough Aquila houses*

Now that's I've covered the flaws and such, here are some things I think could make Pirate101 housing a more important and used feature in the game:

  • Give us Captains Quarters: give us a dorm sized space inside all of our ships that we can decorate using housing items. Depending on the size of the ship these rooms could be large or small, and could be themed based upon the world the ship originates from. For Pete's sake I would even accept redecorated and unchangable captains quarters (like the old W101 dorms) if it meant I would get one!
  • Create More Furniture: I'm talking loads of it; you already have all of the items you don't have to make more, just steal anything that you've made to populate rooms and places in the spiral and slap them into vendors and the bazaar! (I'd kill to get a fraction of the Marleybone and Mooshu furniture that I've seen)
  • Animated/Interactive Items: you guys should have already realized from Wizard that we as players are suckers for anything that moves or has a "click x to ..." Button. 

Let me know what you think of my ideas! And tell me what you think of Pirate101 housing! See you next week! 


  1. Bravo Zulu to you Ian Sharp for an outstanding blog post! The House of Sheffield can totally relate when it comes to the interactive furniture and the like! We look forward to reading your future blog posts here on Destiny's Travels!

    Fair Winds and Following Winds to you and all the pirates out there in the spiral!

  2. Chrissy The BlesserJuly 06, 2014

    Great stuff. I can totally join the love for interactive stuff. Gets me every time. :D
    Ya I too have drooled over some stuff I see in the game. I would love to be able to put virtual stickies on neat stuff I see that I want them to put in the shop for me. I am also well pleased with all the new Aquilian stuff so that I can FINALLY start decorating that classy Aquilian manor of mine.


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