Ian Sharp: Déjà Vu

One of my favorite parts of Pirate101 is seeing things I've already seen in Wizard101 be reimagined. It's a bit like déjà vu, because the place is familiar but still confusing because of the change of atmosphere. It doesn't even have to apply to places...
...it can apply to people and other game aspects. I've always found these similarities in the games but the biggest ones to notice are in Mooshu. I found it very funny to ride around parts of Mooshu and basically be in the same place my Wizard has been:

Another of my favorites connections are the Freudian slips many NPCs have, including Zeke and Argleston, both mention wizards in passing and mistake you as wizards, showing that they deal in both sides of the spiral. I'm not sure if other players get tickled at these connections but I do. I love how close we come to meeting the other side at times but never do, I kind of wish it would stay like that too. I think a cross-over or something would be cool but I am slo very happy where we are now being apart but aware of each other. I think Kingsisle has so many ways to take the shared Spiral space and I can't wait to see what happens. As mentioned by many Pirates lately Grizzleheim is expected to be the next world, if so, we will likely see MANY parallels there, which I'm super excited for! Grizzleheim was one of my favorite Wizard101 worlds and I can't wait to see what Pirate101 makes of it.

What are some of your favorite connections in the game? My personal favorite is that the fortune telling table has Wizard101 spell cards on it!


  1. Chrissy The BlesserJuly 20, 2014

    That's where I had seen that before. That second Pirate Deja Vu has been bugging me for some time and I couldn't place it. Now it makes perfect sense. Thank you Ian. VERY well written and totally met a need, lol. Keep up the great work.

  2. Matt DragonBladeJuly 22, 2014

    Another thing that's similar is Azteca. In Wizard101, you see the Aztecosaurs home world. In Pirate101, you can see the ruins of their vast colonies in Skull Island

  3. Fair Ashley HolystoneJuly 23, 2014

    Well the title definitely suits it all. What I know is that Pirate101 takes place a bit earlier time line that Wizards. I've noticed observing the different story lines.
    E.g: In W101 I remember a dog in Marleybone talking how the war ended, while in P101 they show us exactly how it all went. It seems our characters just ran past each other while doing quest. Like the thing with Meowiarty. Our Pirate encountered him right before his escape with Malistaire.
    It's very interesting when you blend the two games together and start seeing the true story.


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