Ian Sharp: Can We Just have Captain's Quarters Already?

If there is one single thing I am most disappointed about in Pirate101 it's that there are no captains quarters on ships. From the moments I saw the original trailer for Pirate101 I wanted to be able to have and decorate the inside of my ship, like no joke I've been wishing for this feature since before I was even in beta....

I think it would be epic for us to be able to have little rooms inside our ships, most ships even come equipped with the hatches and doors required to make this possible as a future update. As the game currently stands, I believe there are a few ways of implementing the captain's quarters:

1) fully customize-able rooms:
Obviously the harder option, one way I can see captain's quarters would be much like your bunk house. You would enter a small room with enough space for some furniture, larger ship
s would have larger space below deck etc.

2) Presets By Ship:
This is another idea, inspired by the original dorms in Wizard101. The originals dorms were not decorate-able, in fact they existed before housing existed, and came with a preset design. I think it would be rather easy to create a room design for each ship and have them (much like the ships themselves) dyable to match the ship color. So for example a Mooshu ship would have a Mooshu themed room, and the colors of the room would match the colors you dyed your ship! Not as customizable but offers a cool room on your ship.
3) Tavern Cellar:
This is rather functional, take the tavern concept from each world, and put a tavern cellar below deck. There you could see all of your companions and such, just as you would in a real tavern cellar.

Regardless of how it is added, I REALLY want captain's quarters to be added to the game. I think it will be a cute little feature and will give us something else to do with our ships!


  1. Fair Ashley HolystoneJuly 29, 2014

    Ian, you seriously have some cool ideas. I'd like a captain quarters, after finishing reading this I sat for a few minutes staring at the screen and imagining how would it all look like.
    Really hopping for this to happen some day...

  2. Ashley,

    I'm very honored to have Ian helping me this month while I get a few things done - he really does have AWESOME ideas! Unfortunately, the month is ending fast and Ian's last post will be on Friday of this week, doubling up so I can put out an extra special post or two shortly thereafter.

    Thanks for reading!


  3. Fair Ashley HolystoneJuly 30, 2014

    In reply to Destiny:
    Oh well then. Apparently July flies fast to everyone. Still, it was fun to read his posts, especially since he's lending you a hand.


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