July 17, 2014

Blog of Note - Farming With Duncan

If you're like me (and a lot of other people), then you need information fast. I enjoy farming for gear in my spare time, but often don't know what to look for and where to go looking for it. Since Pirate101 is still being explored, a lot of data is required on this subject. Wizard101 has SO many items and just as many possibilities, too - What can you get?

Farming With Duncan is a blog that specializes in answering these questions. What treasures can you find in either game, or even Grub Guardian, a very popular free browser-based game by KI? Let's take a further look into this website in Travels' next Blog of Note!

I was very honored to get the chance to sit down with Duncan for an interview. He's been in the community for as long as I can remember and probably longer. We hadn't talked all that much before, so this interview was even more so like a conversation between new acquaintances...I'm sure you'll learn something new, since I did!

1. So, who are you as a blogger? As a pirate?

Actually as blogger I would be a pirate, a wizard and an IT guy.

2. You've been in this community for a long time; What is your experience with site management prior to this? 

I am freelancing as an system administrator for one company for almost 4 years now. Beside planning a network  infrastructure, implementing security polices and informational system management in general, I did maintain their official site. I also have acquired some HTML background during my college studies.

I have been also working as an editor for Petnome Project, site dedicated to First Gen W101 pets, for over a year now, and as an addition Alric RavenSinger decided, with a little push from his team, to open Petnome Pirates, a sister site with same content only for P101. First as an editor and later on I took more responsibilities, like site graphics, etc. I would also like to mention that I love working with Alric, he taught me most of the things I know.

3. Given your particular experience, what do you think is important in a blog? 

To be yourself! To not have scheduled blog posts, write when you feel like writing. Nothing kills the desire for writing than making it as an obligation. Keep it family friendly, educational and all above fun!

4. What do you think makes your blog unique and yours? 

My goal is to show my dedication when it comes to farming, I want for my readers to feel it, to manifest dedication of their own. Further more I want to engage them. Everyone is welcomed to join. On my blog they can keep track of my farming seasons (current farming spot, gear/items that I am farming for), they can join me anytime, the more the merrier. I also believe that my Networking101 section will bring a lot of interest too. People will be able to inform themselves and learn about safety when it comes to online gaming and surfing in general.

5. Lastly, can I have your autograph? Pleeeease? Haha, just kidding. Any final thoughts on getting your site up and running? 

I feel excited, what could I say, "If you want to farm, farm with Duncan style". LOL I might use that catchphrase in the future.

It was a joy to interview and then run a dungeon with Duncan! He's a very nice, helpful person who is very open to conversation and I had a great time in Miranda. I learned last night of just how fast a witchdoctor could be to get the job done in battle. Spooky!

Visit Farming with Duncan!


  1. Thank you for this wonderful spotlight Destiny. I have to say that it was nice getting to know you. And thank you for the run, I love when I have company :)

  2. Chrissy The BlesserJuly 17, 2014

    You DO manage to find the most fascinating people to interview. Nicely done and wonderful get to know info shared with us. I had no idea the depth of knowledge treasure we have in Duncan and that explains a LOT in why I always learn so much from his posts. Well done to the both of you. :D


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