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The Next World in Pirate101

KingsIsle staff representatives almost never tell players what the next world in any of their games is before the Test Realm is opened. Usually, though, especially after players are getting restless, developers release hints. For months, Blind Mew, the story writer for Pirate101, has answered players' questions about the story. It has made players want to know even more, commonly met with Mew's catchphrase, "that would be telling." In June's Producer's Letter, The Frogfather included some subtle hints including the words "Boar, Bear, Far East, Stitch, Cool, Boss, dyeing, and Flag.”

The Rest of the Puzzle

Ratbeard, Pirate101’s gameplay and content developer, has also been hinting to another feature coming to Pirate101: Crafting. In this post on the Pirate101 messageboards, Ratbeard said, "You should expect crafting in P101...but improved, based upon things we've learned in we did with Pets."

GH crafting

Grizzleheim and Crafting

Grizzleheim is heavily reliant on nature, in which bears, boars, wolves, and ravens alike harvest crops; many manufacture their own tools, weapons, and even houses out of the land. Many artisans are very skilled in Grizzleheim, and Pirates could begin their lessons in this world.

One of One-Eyed Jack's commonly requested features is Housing Mannequins. In Wizard101, they were crafted, so they could be released as a Grizzleheim recipe for Pirates to learn.

Grizzleheim is the first world to have a real crafting base, so it would be logical if it were the crafting "hub" of all worlds. In Wizard101, Grizzleheim had many recipes and crafters to learn from, and even its own Crafting Anvil in the Hall of the Ice Forge. The crafting was very well developed and, if Grizzleheim makes it to Pirate101, should be expected to be equally as advanced.

GH dyeing

Dyeing, Flag

Just as Grizzleheim is refined in their crafting skills, this would be just as relevant to dyeing skills. As mentioned in the Producer's Letter, Flag Dyeing is a feature that has been requested more than anyone could count. Grizzleheim would be the most logical place for any Pirate to visit to have a crafting or dyeing request completed.

Flag dyeing has made it onto One-Eyed Jack's list of highly requested features, most of which, by now, have been fulfilled, so it is probably in the best mind of KingsIsle to get the rest of these finished up and out the door.

GH side world

Boar, Bear

Pirate101 hasn't had a new world for over a year now, but the first one we get may not be a main world. Grizzleheim in Wizard101 was the first "side" world, with later another expansion being Wintertusk. If a world is a "side" world, this means it is optional, and you can skip the entire world, but you do not gain the experience from the world or any special rewards, like spells and equipment.

Boars and bears are two of the species inhabiting Grizzleheim, the others being ravens and wolves. The bears and some of the rest of the species were friendly to Wizards, but we can't expect the same for Pirates.

Pirate101 hasn't had a side world yet, so recreating the Wizards' first one with a graphics and storyline upgrade would definitely be a sight to see.


With many hints and nods towards it, Grizzleheim is the most logical next world for Pirate101. Even if it is merely a side world, the rewards, features, and graphics will certainly be something to admire.

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  1. Chrissy The BlesserJune 28, 2014

    Great stuff and wonderful theories. Makes perfect sense to me. :D

  2. Have you thought of Aquila also having a special forge place for crafting certain rare items?


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