Possible Atlantis Discovery Could Be Pirate101 World Predictor

In 2011, scientists studying in a marshland north of a major city in Spain made an interesting discovery. Evidence suggesting a long-lost city buried beneath the murky waters was revealed. Considering that the surrounding area was a center of trade and commerce dating back to ancient times, much supported the theory that buried structures were indeed parts of the lost city of Atlantis. Looking into a few articles, I happened to chance upon a great deal of further evidence telling how Pirate101 may change from this discovery.

Dead-eye Destiny Devereaux pushed aside what she felt to be the last of too many piles of sludge at the bottom of the swampy water. She felt her lungs ache, a sign of being down too long regardless of what Maka Motl's concoction had granted her. Looking up towards the surface, she found the water just too murky to catch more than a hint of sunlight unable to get through. She sighed to herself, digging into the sand once more and finding something hard. Finding it about the size of a cabbage, she grasped it and held her breath, feeling herself rise with...whatever it was. Washing up on the surface after a minute of floating, she opened her eyes to find the object she had unearthed just inches away. Turning stiffly, she gasped.

"It is real," she blubbered, blinking the water from her eyes to better gaze upon the top of a statue dated thousands of Spiral years. 

Atlantis was written of, by Plato, as a city that got washed away by what scientists today think would be a tsunami wave. Regardless of its legitimacy, it was written of as a Utopia of sorts, the perfect setting for Plato's philosophies. In popular culture, however, Atlantis is portrayed as a mysterious and lost underwater city populated by amphibian or gilled humans in a civilization antiquated and intricate.

Founded in 1100 BCE as a trade center by the Phoenicians, the now-Spanish city of Cádiz is rumored to be one of the oldest cities in the country of Spain. Shortly after Phoenician rule, it became base to Roman naval plans until Alfonso X took the city. When Christopher Columbus landed on Plymouth, Cádiz soon became host to lots of trade with the early Americas, rising into a Golden Age.

Unfortunately, history was one to get in the way of this so-called Golden Age. As issues regarding possession of the Americas became violent, Cádiz became under siege by France in the time that Napoleon Bonaparte rose to power. Following its declaration announcing the people of Cádiz as a sovereign people, the city began to fall. With the loss of the support of the early American colonies in the nineteenth century, Cádiz declined to a point from which it is still recovering.

Having discovered what could have been an Atlantis of sorts in the Spanish marshes, this led me to think of a possibility of an underwater city in Pirate101 of legend. Oh, wait - there's already a good example in the Spiral!

Beneath the waters surrounding the Floating Lands and host to all sorts of innovation and civilization alike, Celestia plays a very key role in Wizard101's plot line. Pirates as well were a common theme as sunken ships were found along the bottoms of underwater coves and the like. It was thought to be an Atlantis of sorts by the player community - and with all the Wizard101 repeats in Pirate101, it's looking likely that we'll get a whiff of Celestian feeling. Let's take a look at the likelihood of Celestia appearing sometime after we visit Valencia's Cadiz.

A hint of tradition, Blind Mew announced to players that the first letter of a major skyway's name in the next coming update would be C. With much mention of dragging convicted pirates off to Cadiz and the place itself being of note in Armada doings, immediate player suspicion went in its direction. What's to come after our next great encounter with the Armada? Since the popular theory of El Dorado being related to Celestian engineering is still a possibility, there's quite a likelihood of visiting what lies beneath the ocean waves. As the two locations are now related in real life, one could theorize that the two location counterparts in Pirate101 would appear in close consistency with one another.

Will we be seeing Celestia in our pursuit of El Dorado? There's a good chance so, and that Pirate101's Cadiz may even hold a clue as to how we'll form our dives into the murky depths.

Special thanks to: Cass Lifeblossom for post inspiration, Red Scarlet Kidd for taking a swim with Dead-Eye and Swordroll for providing Celestia pictures. Please note: The first and last pictures are fan-art. There are no Celestian areas yet playable in Pirate101 (May 2014). 


  1. Wow, what a great blog and full of fascinating facts. :D I just love learning new things and being reminded of what I learned at some point. This was a great read and I am a bit jealous at all the fun you had doing this. Beyond well done and I can't wait to read more great stuff.

  2. Chrissy, you make my day whenever you leave a note! Your words truly warm my heart. I really did have a lot of fun with this post; I got to take a lot of Spiral photography (an art I'm new to with all my renders) and quite a bit of research on Plato/Cádiz. I love history! I assure you that there is more to come.



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