May 17, 2014

A Late-Night Search

12:00 AM, Xol Akmul

We all had our reasons for being online. I like many had napped my way into a late night of pirating, though I wouldn't have been so attentive if it weren't for a Cherry Coca-Cola and a post to write. I had convinced myself I'd find some sort of interesting topic to post about over the night. Epecting some form of plauer interaction that I'd have to sleuth down within the new updates, I found myself instead running around with friends for most of the night.

The longer I spent shattering pillars and finding resolve to rats, the more I realized that I wasn't going to find much more activity besides that within the little friend group that had in tandem woken back up to play. Nonetheless, I found myself taking breaks from questing and farming to explore the areas and skyway chat into the empty winds. As people began to log off, I became even more desperate for a post subject, pacing Avery's Court and Bestia looking for any sort of conversation. At last, I took off into the skies, towards Devilfish Hollow to land before drifting off into the fatigue I'd collected. Before disappearing into the cove, I typed out into the Skyway once more, "How is everyone tonight?" I then turned in, mouse hovering over the close button.

"I'm good," some Daring Xavier Upton called back as I disappeared. It occurred to me that finding the perfect event to stick into a post didn't necessarily need to be found every time. Upon occasion, it could be asked for.


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