April 13, 2014

Five Favorite To-Dos in the Pirate101 Test Realm


All week and through the weekend, the Pirate101 Test Realm has been online, putting resolve to the community of impatient pirates expecting an earlier launch. While some of the updates came as expected in light of several teasers let loose over the past few months, others came as surprises. Twitter's definitely been going mad with new information and discoveries, as are Central and the Messageboards. After a thorough look into what people are up to (as I haven't had the time to take a close enough look myself), here's what I'm finding the most popular to do while testing. 

  1. Pet Hybrids

    One of the major updates to the game was the addition of Advanced Pets. From all the buzz and complexity of the new system, I have a good feeling that pets will become a very important part of combat. One of the more interesting discoveries has been the uncovering of various pet hybrids. Guide-makers are busied with morphing and research as more pets are brought to light.
  2. Group Plunderin'

    The Group Plunder chests scattered throughout the game have proved to make things much more interesting when questing with friends. I know for a fact that this will turn my game style upside-down, as I am usually solo-ing. Dubloons are gained from multiple people opening a special chest within a close time window of one another and are used like treasure cards in battle. I've had a great time in the hour before writing this point wandering throughout the Spiral with friends on the hunt for these chests!
  3. Tourism

    Maybe it sounds like the last thing Pirates would do (or would be capable of doing non-violently), but I've found quite a few pirates venturing into areas again and again to take second peeks at the beautiful atmospheres. For me, that's definitely Xol Akmul. With how I had written it, I was very excited to see my expectations exceeded in the Test Realm. I'll be going back there to do a little more research on things in the coming hours.

  4. Shopping and Splurging!

    In the TR, your account is granted a sum of crowns that only work in the TR. (This means that purchases and financial losses do not transfer to the Live servers.) What have pirates been doing with this? Besides buying crowns pets to make Hybrids with, I've heard plenty of tell surrounding buying hoard packs to test luck or new mounts to break in!
  5. Taking it ALL In

    After all of the advanced pets, advanced companions and new quests, there's still a ton to be tested. I'm loving the eyepatch vs. totem slots and am constantly listening for sound changes. There's always more to be tested, it seems, and I'm sure that KI could use the assistance in sniffing for bugs. One of my favorite places to be is in Xol Akmul, one of the new areas in the quest. The music - an Aztecan theme from W101 - is absolutely stunning and the atmospheric noises are well-harmonized with it. And have you seen that Ryan the Relentless now fills your Mojo potion bottles? The cost is much higher up, but I think the price is worth the potion. Are you able to find anything else new and interesting? Let me know!
As you can see, there is LOTS to do in the Test Realm and the time of its existence dwindles by the day. If you're a member or recent crowns-buyer, I encourage you to take a spin on it and see what amazes you the most. I assure you - there is something for everyone.

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  1. Fair Ashley HolystoneApril 14, 2014

    Everyday I log in the first thing that me and my friends do is talk about the Test Realm. 50% of the time about pets!And 20% at least about companion orders.
    We just can't wait to try it all out Live.


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