An Introduction to Destiny and Destination

Throughout Pirate101, guiding powers of all sorts have nudged us along, whether they'd be Boochbeard and Gandry showing us how to use the Options panel or Those Who Lurk Beneath Beneath answering our lost memories with yet another question. Each world in the Spiral is made so unique by how it's governed, and the topic itself, being so pivotal in our pirates' storylines, has sparked enough curiosity to make the headlines of an all-new post series!

For just over a year, I've been posting about Pirate101 and its ties to the real world, whether through chess or famous chapters of naval history. Some posts were incredibly popular, like my post on Leonardo da Vinci and his impacts on the creations of the Armada. Some were touched briefly and left to be flipped past, like the mystery of the Zephyr train crash. Forsaking tomes of history, I've decided to look into something that touches us all throughout our journeys as pirates - destiny, or fate. 

What I found the most interesting, however, is how various systems of guiding and propelling our pirate vary by the world. While there are real-world ties, the traits and decisions of each of these powers has impacted our journeys so significantly that I couldn't help but think to expose more of the background.

What's going to be in these posts? I've decided to start things off as I normally do - research, research, research. There's plenty to be looked into, and each world has many facets of belief and pirately guidance that deserves more light. I'll be explaining the ties in a series of posts, many likely consecutive to one another over the next month or two. Following this, I've planned for fewer - but much longer - posts explaining how such changes to our pirate from world-travel have made our storylines so unique from any other scalawag's. Lastly, as per usual with my crazy theories, there's some brainstorming to be done...but I'm going to leave that a little bit of a surprise.

Soon sailing will be a journey through the worlds of Pirate101, deciphering the exact intentions behind many higher beings demonstrated to have impacted our characters. Are you in?

A note on the first image in this post: As a side note, I must admit that I am very proud for having created it. I created the background first and then traced over a picture of Vadima by mousepad using a variety of brushes. The entire process took nearly four hours.


  1. Fair Ashley HolystoneApril 19, 2014

    It took your FOUR hours to make that title picture? Destiny, ever thought about showing your graphic art to the community?

  2. Ashley,

    That's sweet of you to say! I've only just gathered the patience to work on my graphics. The image was a toughie...I started by finding an image and I traced over it in a simple brush to get a feel for the lines. Little did I know, Vadima had so many features, esp. with all the tattoos and jewelry. Then, I traced over it again with a more artsy brush or two. The part that took the longest was juggling layers when putting on the background. I created my promotional image (link later) and got to play with fonts. All of my graphics - the good ones, at least - will be displayed on the site. :)


  3. That's fantastic. As a school girl who gets a lot of commissions, I'm saying I am impressed! Feel the pain you might've gone trough, but the proud feeling at the end always says it was worth the heavy work.

  4. Fair Ashley HolystoneApril 19, 2014

    You never fail to impress me :). And this is coming from a school girl who gets art commission at every turn lol, I feel what you might have gone trough to do all those amazing pictures. But at the end you know it was always worth the work ;D Keep it up.


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