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I'm always on the hunt for new blogs with plenty of promise. I found a new site - run by a husband-wife team via Wix - and was completely elated to begin talking to the owners. Indeed, The House of Sheffield is a very well-run, well-composed site that  is just settling into the community. With segments like Walkin' the Plank and plenty of news, The House of Sheffield is a very refreshing look at how much fun blogging is. Here's what the owners - Kate and Fred - have to say about their new site.

1. I've read on The House of Sheffield (THOS) of an interesting coming-to-be story. Could you go into detail about this?

Fishy Fred Sheffield: The story is based on my lil side blog called “Walkin the Plank”. That is the place where I will chronicle the exploits of my smaller Pirates and share what works and what does not. Kind of as I learn you learn deal. I have been in test a lot and recently started a Pirate from the very beginning just so I can help others who do not have time or patience for playing in test.

Charming Katie Sheffield: He said it all. I just take his stories and iron them out to put them onto the Interwebs. Fishy Fred Sheffield: Most of what I do is experimental, which means going back and doing quests over and over so I get them right, Not just right for me, but right for all pirates. Fishy Fred Sheffield: The challenge and the awesome players. Not to mention that KingsIsle stays on top of things. My favorite thing I must say though is the other players. I have never run into anybody rude or ill intentioned. There seems to be absolutely no arrogance between levels and class, which is a refreshing and novel concept in a game. I also love the strategy, which fits my military background perfectly. Getting to know your companions and what a good combo of skills and talents is key to winning in any of the dungeons.

2. I've also noticed that your pirates are quite low-leveled. This is actually a little rare among bloggers. What are your plans for leveling?

Fishy Fred Sheffield: We have the big guns when needed. I have three max Pirates on my first account so if somebody gets stuck on a quest it is a “no worries” day. The House of Sheffield is based on the same idea I had in ToonTown, where I built The House of Alucard, the idea of having many available characters at different levels to help people. All of our Pirates carry the last name Sheffield, but our newest ones sail under one flag.

As far as leveling goes I wait until I reach level 15 then I go back and push my nautical up to at least 13. Sometimes however I will join another group’s nautical event in a higher area to speed up the process, or just hang out in a busy realm and sail with others. I play at my own pace but I am always willing to help others with quest’s that I may have already done (except Bumbleloons).

Charming Katie Sheffield: As my husband so eloquently put it we have our big guns put away on another account to help those that need help. Some may say that we are crazy for making new little pirates monthly and then leveling them up but we are constantly finding something new with each pirate that we may have missed previously. We are always baffled at those people who complain about nothing to do in the game or that they need to raise the cap level. There is so much to do in this game I can’t possibly for see getting bored.

Fishy Fred Sheffield: I crave the excitement of creating a new Pirate! And with each one I find something new that I can share with others. What is the worst thing that can happen? I meet too many cool peeps that friends list crashes.

3. Which parts of your site do you like most?

Fishy Fred Sheffield: Walkin the Plank without a doubt.

Charming Katie Sheffield: Definitely Walkin the Plank with Fishy Fred but I would also remind people to take a look at our event calendar as we host Friar Sand runs, Nautical XP parties and hunting for badgers (umm I mean badges)!

Fishy Fred Sheffield: Badgers would be cool, but getting badges is always my main quest. I sometimes go to a busy Realm just to help others get theirs. I love badgers and badges.

4. Do you have gaming backgrounds other than Pirate101?

Fishy Fred Sheffield: My background as a website owner is learn as I go. Lady Sheffield has a handle on it, but if something is not right I will chime in. As a gamer, I explore every pixel of the game looking for hidden loot and training tomes. I have been a gamer from way back, Civilization was the first one I played online.

Charming Katie Sheffield: As my husband said I am learning as I go when it comes to the website and twitter. As for the previous online games that I have played there has been a plethora of different types! I started off playing The Sims Online, EQ2, World of Warcraft, Aion, Rift, Toontown and now Pirate 101. Wow now seeing that makes me think I am a real gamer chick! (Side note from Destiny: Kate and Fred joined initially following the close of Toontown.)

5. How do you want yourselves to be known in the community?

Fishy Fred Sheffield: I would like to be known as a fair player first and an excellent source of information and help second. By no means are we going to have every answer but we will scour the interwebs to find it for those that ask.

Charming Katie Sheffield: What he said.

Fishy Fred Sheffield: What she said, which is what I said, so that is what we said.

6. What are you looking forward to in Pirate101 or community events?

Fishy Fred Sheffield: I always look forward to the random contests people come up with and the different event ideas that they have. Plus, once test is done with I anticipate a whole new bunch of fresh ideas in our community to improve the gamesmanship and help the smaller Pirates level up so they do not get frustrated. There is a wealth of experience that can be found in the Spiral, and it is free.

Charming Katie Sheffield: I love the random contests and I am really looking forward to all the updates that are currently on test to come to the live server.

Fishy Fred Sheffield: Everybody in the community has great ideas to keep the game fresh. Every time I see a new contest I am like “OMG that is so cool”!

6. Can I have your autographs? Ha-ha, just kidding - maybe. What are you most excited about as upcoming fansite writers?

Fishy Fred Sheffield: LOL, my autograph is worthy of lining a bird cage. But if you have a Scarakeet I will send you a dozen. As being the new kids in the Spiral I am most excited about our followers giving us new ideas for future event or contests.

Charming Katie Sheffield: We always want to hear from the community as to what they are looking for when it comes to contests or new ideas.

Fishy Fred Sheffield: This page/blog/site will only go as far as the many Pirates will take it.


Well, there you have it! The House of Sheffield, I feel, is a site with plenty of potential and I'll be keeping an eye on it as they progress - I suggest you do the same!


  1. What a fabulous write up Destiny! It was simply a pleasure meeting you in game, and I must admit that I will certainly miss the numerous emails going back and forth with you to make this happen! Please keep in touch!

    Charming Katie Sheffield

  2. Oh Well done Destiny. I had already found their site but now I feel like I know them even more. Great human-I mean pirate interest stuff. Toontown's demise is our gain. :D


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