March 10, 2014

"Your Pet Will Die" and 9 Other Tidbits of PvP Anti-Wisdom

Here's the scenario: You should have healed three turns ago. Instead, you decided to walk through a minefield while gracefully falling right into fire. You don't know where your opponent's second Barrage had gone, but it seems to be the least of your worries now that you have been separated from your entire half-dead crew.

What's needed here? From a Swashbuckler With No Plan, here are ten bits of anti-useful anti-wisdom for everybattle use.

1) The board will have a center. A winner is the center of attention. In order to be a winner, you'll have to gain the center. Bombs work well for this. Unless your opponent walks through them. Or around them.

2) Every class will be OP. All but yours. 

3) If you're looking for something, don't get rid of what you need. Or don't need. You're going to need it when you don't. So do. 

4) Spacing is a wonderful thing. But don't get too far apart. Unless your enemy is doing that. Then stay close together. Only if they're ranged. But you never know.

5) Your pet is going to die and you're going to get used to it. The pet will be first blood and you are to determine the rest of the battle based on this first death. (See Tip 10)

6) It is perfectly OK to let a PvP contest of skill drift to a war of wit and word as long as it isn't your turn.

7) If fire is Zeena-fire, thou shalt not set foot in such a region without a Levy'd unit and good reason.

8) Watch them Levy right before you move in. Hit them anyways.

9) Designate a companion as your buddy. They will follow you everywhere you go until both of you get hit by an AoE and decide to split. But not too far. (Tip 4)

10) If you win, it's only a lucky strike. If you lose, it was obviously rigged. 

Can you think of any more? Anti-philosophies towards the range of Witchdoctors or the multiple uses for Dance of Steel? Let me know in the comments below!

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Special thanks to Jack Teach (Swordroll), Merciless Morgrim (Cret92), Johnny (Twitter @JCentral1), and all the participants of the past two Saturday Showdowns! They're a ton of fun and I really do love to PvP...even if I end up getting mauled every time. 


  1. Since I was doomed in Cool Ranch, I thought of a very cool strategy plan for suicide situations.
    xclears throatx If you are left alone, no companions, low health, no friends online here's what can you do: Hid. Use the smoke, but not all at once. The enemy will go somewhere else, but your direction. Use that to heal next round of buff up. Next get closer to the foes and use poison, if your smoke is going out, run where they can reach you and use another one next round. As the poison runs out, use it again till the enemy's health is so low, you can use a Dance of Steal attack.
    TA DAAA!!! Please continue to the next enemy on to the next dungeon on your right, and don't forget to use a Mojo potion.

    Fair A. Holystone

  2. Ashley, correct? It's great to see you here!
    I remember really using hide for the first time when I was in General Tso's dungeon running on about 180 health with no heals. I stayed put and waited until my poison had taken full effect and until they grouped well enough for Dance. Now, I regard it as one of the most useful Swash powers. Thanks for leaving a note!


  3. Yep, It's me. I was watching your blog very carefully, and commented only a bit. Your fiction always makes me laugh and sit on my chair's end, threads like this are very useful indeed...
    The funny thing that I don't have a FB, nor a Tweeter, nor a Google account(etc.), so I've been left with anonymous :P Lol, It is good to be back Destiny.

    Fair A. Holystone(or Star Owl.)

  4. Say...are you the Anonymous who's been commenting recently? You know, under the comment options, there's an option for name/URL (let me know if there isn't) and you could always leave you name via that option.

    I'm really glad you like my website and really cheers me up to hear that from readers. :)

  5. Roslyn SilvertalonMarch 10, 2014

    I never have completely worked out all my powers, so I wonder if I could hear some of your sage wisdom.:)

    Does Shadowdance really increase your critical chance? I've never bothered using it.

    I've heard people say you can come out of hiding with a Backstab or Assassin's Strike and multiply your damage, but it's never worked for me. Does it work?

    Since we Swashbucklers have no natural buffs, what buffs do you think I should I train?

  6. Wisdom! Pfft...I'll give it a shot, though.

    1) Yes, Shadowdance has awarded me quite a few nice critical hits. I suggest using it right before you hit.

    2) Yes, it works. Try testing it with Sarah Steele's Swashbuckler's Strike. It has a fairly constant damage rate and the change will be obvious. If it doesn't work, then that's understandable. The invisibility powers are known to be buggy; You should report that to support.

    3) Agility buffs! Either train them from the Musketeer class or farm Diskylos in Aquila for a Great Juju amulet. (Great Juju, I heard, is a wonderful buff on its own as it's universal for your allies.) I have boots with a +100% AGL boost, but I forget how I came across them.

    Happy Swashbuckling!

  7. Fair Ashley HolystoneMarch 11, 2014

    Well wha'd ya know, it works!
    And about the anonymous thing, Destiny...yes, It Was Me, haha!
    (man, I love being a swash)

  8. Your sense of humor just cracks me up. I always enjoy reading your stuff here and on Fan Fiction. Keep up the good work. There is no underestimating the power of a well placed giggle.


  9. Thank you, Chrissy! I really appreciate all the kind words you've left here.


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