March 26, 2014

Xol Akmul - A Short Fan-Fiction Piece by D.S. Devereaux Regarding Test Realm

Xol Akmul

"Quiet," Heather snapped in her most convincing whisper. She held a fist towards Kai and Silver, inching out on the mud. She hurried back behind the safety of the rock-face. Her brows furrowed in confusion. "Someone's been here already. Question is..." she peered back around, "Where has that someone been?"
Peering out from behind Heather, Silver first inspected the space. It didn't look out of the ordinary; Skull Island was usually covered in Aztecosaur relics and their presence was normal.

Kai was first to cut Silver's thinking off. "However," he concluded, "Whoever ventured here and found the spring for the fountain...has been long gone. I think it's safe." Heather glared at Kai as he stood, taking a few steps into the open. He didn't turn back, eyes angled towards the slightly obstructed sun. Silver joined him, and Heather kept her gait low, trailing in the back over the soft, mossy ground.

Everything's covered in moss, she assured herself, Just like the rest of this island...except for that nobody's been here. She abandoned her insecurities as all three reached a supposed center, nearly equidistant from limestone pillars casting shadows. "We'll split up," Heather proposed, "Silver, you can head into that building; Kai, you can scout around out here. I think I see..." she pointed, closing one eye, " old village up there."

"You always take the best parts," Silver complained as Heather darted in the direction of not only buildings, but a flickering fire.

Unlike the troggy-habituated areas closer to the island, Heather found this place to be quite open to the sun, thus explaining the extensive moss growth nearby. It was soft under her shoes and walking was made bouncier. Heather supposed she would pop right back up if she fell. What wasn't moss was stone made into supposed temples and statues resembling reptilian figures. Heather took initiative and touched each structure that she passed like a child running their hand against a wall. Unlike other structures, the stone didn't rub off like chalk on her hands. It was smooth and very secure. Not one for archaeology, Heather paid no attention to it, thinking more along the lines of any relics left behind as the Aztecosaurs grew rarer.

"What happened to the Aztecosaurs, anyways?" Heather murmured. She had seen some on the crews of pirates, but had never seen them in civilization. The snapping of a fire offered a conclusion. Heather backed up against a pillar, drawing her swords. As she listened, the fire was accompanied by noise, some sort of snarling, hissing dialect that was uttered just yards away. She closed her eyes in thought for a moment, opening them again to see Kai standing against the other pillar. His eyes were clouded with green and what words did come out of him were staggered.

"They...thrive," he explained, "" Heather nodded passively, walking back around the other side of the pillar.

A quick-written reflection on the upcoming updates. Keep Traveling

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