March 3, 2014

The Future of Fan-Fiction


Liam's Journal, a week following the last entry 
It took a few minutes of sitting and writing to at last be joined. This time, it’s a larger one - a dragoon of sorts - that sits before me instead of standing. I don’t like the closeness, but I doubt it’s disturbed. Then, it asks me of my past. I mumble the same old story (nothing worth rewriting) and it continues. Today’s question is relatively new, considering that they had given up on the previous one. I’m asked of my friends. 
“Sure, I have them,” I start, trying to select my words with care, “I’m sure we all do.”
Though the galleon’s exterior was storm-wracked and peeling, it made no less mileage. The thick, stained-ivory clouds surrounded Ivy, almost covering her visibility as they nipped at her heels.
“Goodbye, Serenissima,” she grumbled, waving her gloved hand at the sky. Another slip-up meant exile for sure. Ivy recounted her days plundering the shining city once more, and then put it mentally aside.
Wherever it was to be next, it lay in the will of the captain. 
With Dearest Incantations, Chapter 1 - "Only the Finest Run" 
Something new is coming to the Spiral - in one place, it's already present. Over the past few months, I've been preparing a new piece of fan-fiction!

He the convicted stands silent, letting himself be damaged
by the burning questions revealing his past. 
After some consideration, I've named the project With Dearest Incantations after one of the main characters. With how successful A Survivor's Word became, I wanted to get something new out...something that's more recent and a better example of my work.

With Dearest Incantations revolves around three stories, those of the convicted, the undercover, and the avenging pirates. Only one of these tales is told in first person, whose personality I found a real treat to write. When the three plots crash together, it won't be without the Armada (and more!) on their tails. I think that this story more than anything focuses on the emotions of the characters - each of them faces a very unique conflict from one another and from their own kind,'ll be a treat when they begin reacting to one another, to boot!

Where will this content be? This time around, I've got quite a few options. I'll be posting this on Travels in my Camp NaNoWriMo months, but if you'd like to get a head start, you can find the fiction in three places: Spiral Libraries, Stormgate Pirates, and (in the next few months). Stormgate Pirates' fan-fiction archive will have this story as I write it - that means that any editorial remarks by Spiral Libraries will be added onto pre-existing chapters. Once I have a decent amount onto Spiral Libraries, I'll begin submitting it to

Through the eyes of the one undercover, a way onto a ship is
a beacon of hope in a desperate situation.
What about A Survivor's Word? Here's the deal...A Survivor's Word was finished shortly after Pirate101 was launched. It's fairly out of date, and my disclaimers keep getting longer. At this point, I'm considering either tying my loose ends early or putting it on a hiatus mode so I can be more worried over With Dearest Incantations. Or, I could simply keep putting it up and extending my disclaimer. If you particularly enjoy ASW, do let me know!

As of yet, one chapter is up on both Spiral Libraries and Stormgate Pirates; I'll be including links at the end of the post. The next one should be there by next Sunday. If you could be so kind as to leave a comment at the end of a chapter that you like on either website, then I'd be very grateful. In any case, enjoy the story!

Keep Traveling! 
Thank you Greedy Jacob Maxwell for the second picture


  1. Fantastic xclapsx

  2. Destiny, your interesting article here has led to some questions of my own, and I hope you don't mind me picking your brain here. Concerning Spiral Libraries & Stormgate Pirates vs Pirate101, do you submit the same stories to these sites, or unfinished stories to, say, Spiral Libraries then finished ones to Pirate101? Or different stories to the different sites? I'm a bit at sea here (haha, a pirate pun), but curious and thinking about the future of my fan fiction too.

  3. Anne,

    Brain-picking is very much appreciated, actually. Here's what'll happen:

    I'll submit first drafts to Stormgate Pirates (immediate publication) and then update it later with...

    Edited drafts to Spiral Libraries. I'll have looked through these with an editor. Once I have enough of those up to keep going, I'll be submitting to...

    Pirate101 with final drafts. I don't want to pester the fiction readers with further revisions so that's the final step. It'll all be the same story.

    Hoping to see more of your work circulating throughout the community,



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