March 22, 2014

Spring 2014 Contest Winners and Outstanding Entries

Whew! It's been a fun week for me, and by the looks of many of my recent raffle's entries, I can tell that quite a few people got to get a kick out of their creative selves. This past week, I held a contest for many prizes including crowns, pets, and a Tribal Crew Pack companion...and the results are in! From the high quantity of creative fan-fiction pieces, thoughtful comments, survey responses and more, I can tell that people really enjoyed my new edge to raffles and I'll be sure to implement features like these again.

Read on for winners and a few of my favorite entries!

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The order of the codes is the order of the winners. Congratulations, everyone! I loved seeing all of your entries.

One of the most popular creative categories was the fan-fiction entry. Every day, I seemed to get one or two wonderful and downright hilarious stories of perilous pirates. I still look back and read some of them for fun! Here are a two of my favorites.
Nurse Quinn pulled out her "bayyg of wonduurs, honey!" to reveal its empty contents. She had left her healing spell outside. I had inquired her previously of her usefulness, and now practically all of it had vanished. "Mrs. Quinn, why are you here exactly? I presumed I had left you on the bench in the tavern cellar." 
The chicken, who didn't deserve to be on a pirate crew, who I had taken pity on, stood around. I continued to ponder her worth as she missed a perfectly good spot to whack the Monquistans chasing after us. 
"Can you please hurry up! We need to run out of here! The sewers are not where we want to get arrested! Especially by a huge lot of... Monkeys!" I smeared some grit off of my face with one hand while waving forward with the other. "We need the map from the library, not a hundred battles with primates!" An expression of disgust grew on my face, looking toward the gleaming ladder I had just climbed up with El Toro a few weeks ago. 
"...theyun owur neuxt triup was to Vuh-len-si-uhh! Cayun ye beliuve that!" Nurse Quinn boasted. Shaking my own head, I couldn't believe it as little as they Monquistans did. How did Nurse Quinn pacify a full force of soldiers as easily as I could have ran to that ladder? No matter, we still needed to get out of here. "Quinn!" 
Evan Silver
"Will you keep down?" I whispered to Don Victor Munoz, a Monquistador from the Summer Palace that joined my crew, "You are going to get us caught if they here you."

"Sorry captain," he replied, "it seems my use to you is not needed here because you think we will get caught." Don Victor Munoz walked in the direction we just came in to go outside again.

"Fine," I turned around to face him, "you go then! I don't need you for this mission, it is easy enough for one person to do alone."

Then I heard metal against metal and boots hitting metal and I was then surrounded my in the sewer when Don Victor Munoz, the Monquistador with the long name, came back and killed all of the Monquistadors that heard my scream.

"Thank you." Don Victor Munoz replied with a nod and gave out his hand and replied, "That will be 5 gold for saving your life and fighting against the Monquistan Crown."
Cass Lifeblossom 
Also one of my favorite categories was one requesting players to give ship-hiking a try! All it required was a little creativity and the willingness to at least stand on a dock. I was delighted to see how many people gave it a try. Here's a picture from Nicu Colin, one of the contest winners!

Winners, you have one week (that's until March 29th) to reply to my e-mail for your prizes. Please check the e-mail that you entered with. Thanks, everyone, for entering and I hope that I brought a little more cheer into the beginning of Spring!

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