March 15, 2014

In Like a Pirate! - Spring 2014 Raffle for Pets and More!

Ahoy! At the end of this week, Spring will have begun in the Spiral, and that calls for festivities! Of course, this contest to welcome the rain and eventual sun will feature prizes to liven up a piratey day, but the intended festivities are more along the lines of having a good time! In the following Rafflecopter, two of the entries involve trying something new and maybe even having fun with it...will you give them a try?

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  1. The yum yum fruit trees shall bloom again in MooShu.

  2. "Will you keep down?" I whispered to Don Victor Munoz, a Monquistador from the Summer Palace that joined my crew, "You are going to get us caught if they here you."

    "Sorry captain," he replied, "it seems my use to you is not needed here because you think we will get caught." Don Victor Munoz walked in the direction we just came in to go outside again.

    "Fine," I turned around to face him, "you go then! I don't need you for this mission, it is easy enough for one person to do alone."

    Then I heard metal against metal and boots hitting metal and I was then surrounded my in the sewer when Don Victor Munoz, the Monquistador with the long name, came back and killed all of the Monquistadors that heard my scream.

    "Thank you." Don Victor Munoz replied with a nod and gave out his hand and replied, "That will be 5 gold for saving your life and fighting against the Monquistan Crown."

  3. I wand so bad Chilam Bak because im a witchdoctor and im very obssessed by witchdoctor companion he is so cool...I hope i will win because with him i will battle every foe in the Spiral

  4. I entered in monqusta city drains with my batacuda(my worst companion i think)because she was upset that sdhe is doing all the things worse when we scaterred the blood bats i saw her how she srived and i gave her a chance after a few battles we maked a good team..I learned to trust her when we battled aldo.Kan Po and even Mormo died i was only with my batacuda (i almost died as well)there were aldo one crossbowman and to explorer monquistans we killed the crossbowman and one monquistador explorer and later i died trying to kill the second explorer...I had almost lost hope when my batacuda killed the explorer...Aldo had full health and my batacuda only half but she killed him with quite a few criticals and two simple attacks...We were so happy and from that day i did not hated the batacuda or any companion because i learned that any companion can starve and fight better than the best companion...The End

  5. I would like the Swashbuckler companion from Tribal Crew or Itzen Kaan, I think they would be a good healing or damage dealing addition to my crew. I would pick the Mini Minotaur pet because it would look great on my Buccaneer!

  6. I really want the TCP Buccaneer companion; Holkun DoomThorn. He's go on my Musketeer and be my firstmate. :)

  7. I would love Kawil Moonclaw because he is Melee class and he would perfectly up for my Swash considering Kawil is a Swash.

  8. I enter the sewer drain in digust....Not because of the smell but because of my awful companion Queen Eleanor decides would be "perfecto" for getting into a place like Monquista City! Doesn't she know pirates are forbidden from such place by the crown?!?

    My companion, some crazy monquistador, literally crazy, right in his title, was sent to help ME?!? I'm sorry but you're going to the bottom of my crew and I'll be sure to put you to sleep at level 30! Anyways, we are ambushed by many irritatingly monkey guards which I defeat in one swipe move while money over there is "monkeying around." Oh the irony.

    So by the time we reach the library to overturn Monquista Crown Government for good, the monkey is dead and in sure not reviving that mistake of an undeveloped human. Thank God the librarian gives me a disguise so I won't need the monkey anymore! So before I leave to overthrow the Crown, I "accidently" hide the dead Monkey over a book shelf.

  9. Cabeza Menendez, a Crazy Monquistador was with me during the mission. We started to sneak down the halls as quietly as we could when we heard a loud noise.. a noise that sounded like glass breaking. I turned to look behind me. I saw Cabeza Menendez and his jar of bananas all over the floor. I was filled with anger and fear inside, but I kept it in and whispered in his furry ear. "Keep it down or we'll both get thrown in jail." We then started arguing. He was saying really dumb comments like "Can you put my glass jar back together?" and "I don't like the color yellow anymore.. can you turn my bananas blue?" It was really annoying.

    After a couple minutes of arguing, I decided to ignore him. I took a step forward and before I could land the next step of my left leg, we were surrounded by Monquistadors. They looked crazy. Ever crazier than Cabeza Menendez. "I SMELL BANANAS! WHERE ARE THEY?!" yelled a crazy Monquistador who's clothes looked like something Hawkules would wear; nothing but a "skirt" (no offense Hawkules).

    I started to hand him the bananas that were spread all over but before I could give him a banana, Cabeza Menendez came flying in with a jump-up side kick and hit the Monquistador straight in the face. And then he started using more types of karate moves on each one of the Monquistadors until they were all "fast asleep". I couldn't believe my eyes. Cabeza Menendez...the Cabeza Menendez that I always put at the end of my companions pages just killed a creature.. no, not a creature.. a bunch of creatures. I gave Cabeza a high-five. I apologized for underestimating his abilities in battle and raised him one space higher in my companions pages and now Smart Tim Grey, a Crab Hermit is at the end. But he's a different story :)

  10. Nurse Quinn pulled out her "bayyg of wonduurs, honey!" to reveal its empty contents. She had left her healing spell outside. I had inquired her previously of her usefulness, and now practically all of it had vanished. "Mrs. Quinn, why are you here exactly? I presumed I had left you on the bench in the tavern cellar."

    The chicken, who didn't deserve to be on a pirate crew, who I had taken pity on, stood around. I continued to ponder her worth as she missed a perfectly good spot to whack the Monquistans chasing after us.

    "Can you please hurry up! We need to run out of here! The sewers are not where we want to get arrested! Especially by a huge lot of... Monkeys!" I smeared some grit off of my face with one hand while waving forward with the other. "We need the map from the library, not a hundred battles with primates!" An expression of disgust grew on my face, looking toward the gleaming ladder I had just climbed up with El Toro a few weeks ago.

    "...theyun owur neuxt triup was to Vuh-len-si-uhh! Cayun ye beliuve that!" Nurse Quinn boasted. Shaking my own head, I couldn't believe it as little as they Monquistans did. How did Nurse Quinn pacify a full force of soldiers as easily as I could have ran to that ladder? No matter, we still needed to get out of here. "Quinn!"

  11. dogtoothpasteMarch 18, 2014

    I'm hoping to get a companion! I've heard some great things about chilam bak, and he would work great with my buccaneer! Him, Toro, and Bonnie would help me quest out of mooshu and hopefully help me max out so I can pvp! Even if I don't win, thank you so much for hosting this!

  12. dogtoothpasteMarch 18, 2014

    This has nothing to do with the contest, but I just want to say how much I love your work. Your story telling is fantastic and your posts makes my day and you are just so cool. Okay I'm done, thank you for everything!


  13. Danny,

    Thank you so much! Your comment has really brought a ray of light into my day. (Seriously, it needed the beam...have you seen the clouds out? All gray and nasty.)


  14. I would love a new companion on my Swashbuckler, don't mind which tho

  15. Brandon OwlSwordMarch 20, 2014

    I'm most looking forward to the 1000 crowns so I can buy more areas in Pirate101! (No subscription)


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