February 1, 2014

Three Things I'd Like to See in Test Realm

I'll bet you five hundred gold - right here, right now - that the Test Realm is to be put up yesterday. No? Day before, then.

In all honesty, it's going to be next week. I'm sure of it! Or the next one. When will Wizard101 release? - Of course, I'm getting a lot of these vibes everywhere I look, whether on Twitter, on blogs, or even in game. I'm hearing wishes and claims everywhere from new content to new boots, and for all of it, I'm absolutely stoked! I can't wait to see what the long-awaited Test Realm brings and I anticipate only the very best in this coming update. What is it exactly that I want to see, though? In all honesty, I'd like to see a lot of different things, but I'll narrow it down to three.

These guys, too. I'd love guards! 

1.) Aquila-themed Furniture (and a house!)

When I say "Aquila-themed Furniture," I have absolutely no idea where I'm going with it. I may imply a little bit of everything. Firstly, as a decoration-lover, I'd love to see the baskets and various Aquilan chests appear for sale, as well as the tents in the Illios camp. It would also be pretty interesting to see how the statues, columns (both built and broken) and even the baths turn out. I know that I'd enjoy filling a room with a large pool-like Aquilan bath like in the Imperial Hall.

As I crafted the idea for this post, I was gracefully losing a PvP match against Swordroll. He mentioned wanting to see an Aquila-themed house besides the house in the Emperor's Bundle that had already come out. I thought for a moment. As I can't stand anything really flowery, I enjoy the houses with the darker moods and settings, like my Swashbuckler-themed house. If I were to invest in an Aquila-themed house, then I'd want to see something more Laestrygon than Illios. Either way, something with that Ancient Greco-Roman flair would be nice to see.

2.) New Storyline Content

Can I hear a "Definitely!" for this one? This is what the wait's been all about, and the theories are absolutely everywhere! I'm betting on seeing Valencia Part 2 with some Shakespeare mixed in, and others want to see everything from Darkmoor to Krokotopia! I won't begin on the growing numbers of brilliant ideas out there, even. Either way, we're geared up (More or less...see number 3) to have our pirates continue on the quest of vengeance and the ultimate treasure-hunt.

KI, through Blind Mew on the Messageboards, has said that there are some parts to the storyline that haven't yet been hinted at. By that, Mew means that there wasn't a hint drop by neither Mycroft nor Meowiarty - not even hidden in the worlds of an Aquilan god. A complete surprise, perhaps, is just what I'd like to see. Would something so unexpected in fact be the key to what theorycrafters aim to find? It won't be very long before we find out.

Click to enlarge. I drew on the decoration.

3.) The Cat's Hat...and his boots, too! 

"That hat," I fumed at the computer screen, "I need that hat!" Open in my image viewer was a close-up of what I'd like to name the Purple Stovepipe of the Purple Stovepipes - Captain Swing's Hat. A popular topic of the past few weeks, I'm sure you've heard the story. Captain Swing, fight-able in Bonnie Anne's most recent promotion, seems to be dropping his entire outfit, including his wonderful purple top hat with a wing-like decoration. It'd be perfect if he were repeatable.

For KI, it may be a good idea. Consider that Swing is repeatable. That's a lot more time spent farming. Those on a monthly subscription would have to renew in order to keep farming and/or playing after farming. If Swing gets a chest, then the rest of my crowns are definitely going there. In short (considering that Swing becomes repeatable), I'm not going to play any of the new content until I get that hat.


Of course, I'd like to see much more. Within the new content, I can't wait for new voices, themes, and badges, as well as new mounts and crowns items to come. And more Pineapple Jugs. Can that be arranged? What will we discover in the update? And more importantly, how soon will I get that hat?

Let me know what you think in the comments! Keep Traveling

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