February 10, 2014

The Third Departure

The Third Departure

Never mind the stranger in the 
hat squinting against the wind.
With a wink, their face appears 
closed in retaliation to the unrelated 

Closed is their stance towards the 
toothed batacuda threatening their stay.
Open is the fire, their showing eye
The pin-pricked heart beneath 
the tattered coat. 

Another explosion, they
cringe at the noise, dangling their
legs from the deck. They comment, 
It's a fine day, is it not? 

It's hard to disagree. 


  1. LoL, just what I usually say at days like that

  2. I was looking through some comments after posting and saw a comment from you about helping making my blog even better. After seeing that the date was 1 year and 3 months ago I knew immediately I had to apologize for my rude behavior of not responding to you for over a year and I sincerely hope you did not take it personally that I did not respond. If you still would like to help with my design I would truly appreciate but if not I hope that this apology can at least make up for the my unfriendly actions.

    By the way I really like reading your poems and theories

    The Cool Theurgist

  3. Cool Theurgist,

    Hey, don't sweat it! I'm guilty of following up on comments, too. If you'd like to talk blogs, shoot me an e-mail at swashbucklersoultamer @ gmail . com! :)


  4. Roslyn SilvertalonFebruary 11, 2014

    Hi Destiny!

    I really like your blog, and appreciate all the work you put into it, as well as your taking the time to accept feedback from viewers. Thanks! :)

    I don't know if this would be considered spam, but Sophia EmeraldBlossom (The Artsy Theurgist) is having her second annual contest, and I'm the only one who turned out. I promised I'd spread the word, so I thought I'd start here. Tell all your friends!


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