January 26, 2014

Desdemona's Love: The Key to Valencia's Next Arc

"Remember the name Desdemona; Your Fate hinges upon her love." With those words, the murmuring of Apollo's presence faded, the brazier still lit. Heather tied her hair back, sweating in the Aquilan humidity. She kept her hat in her hands, waiting for perhaps another word from the god.

"What's that supposed to mean?" Silver asked out loud, scratching the back of his head, "Sure didn't give us any context." Kai, as usual, was turned away, facing the skyway and watching the patterns of the hostile ships. He turned back, the mojo in his eyes settling to reveal brown irises instead of the murky green. Uncharacteristically, he shrugged. 

A sidequest in Nova Aquila long avoided on my part has turned out to make base for a very interesting discovery. (Image 417.5) Who is Desdemona, and why is she so important? Does El Toro have more importance in the storyline to come? After a week of heavy research and heavier books, I think I've found out.
Likely tucked somewhere into Marleybone City, there may live a dog by the name of Will Shake-spear. He may enjoy tea on late nights, a good comedy, and genuine characters, but nothing more than writing and directing his masterpiece dramas. Of course, had a character as such been introduced, it may have been too much of a spoiler towards the contents of my final theory post until the Test Realm is released.


Who is Desdemona?

It is depicted in the first act and scene of the real William Shakespeare's Othello that, deep in the canals and commotion of Venice, Italy, lived a young man who pined for the heart of a woman by the name of Desdemona. This man - Roderigo - began employing the assistance (both honestly and through Shakespearian lies) of others to complete such a quest. As I read through Othello myself, I'm finding few other plot points that seem to possibly have a Pirate-y parallel than the following:

  • Othello, the man Desdemona has her own heart set on, is a successful military genius.
  • Cassio, a recently-promoted lieutenant of Othello's, as well has military success. 
  • Even as the tables turn against him, Roderigo continues his pursuit to win Desdemona's heart. 
  • Desdemona's father, Brabantio, agrees with whatever his daughter chooses, though it takes him some time to be swayed by Roderigo and Iago in an attempt to blame Othello for influencing Desdemona. 
Oh, did I mention? Roderigo and Iago are major characters as of yet in Othello...recognize these faces? (See images 417.1 and 417.2 below)


A Venetian Commotion

Pictures of Valencia without obvious areas (images 417.3, 417.4) show pictures of canals, a major component of trade and local culture of Venice, Italy. Could this be where our pirates are headed next? While Venice, Italy is a well-known tourist site and is likely to be shown in some form within the game, it is far from the metropolis that a very important event would take place on. Yet, it seems to be likely to show up. What will we find there? And more importantly, is the proposed war story actually going to turn into a love story?

With that point stated, I find that Act II of Othello takes the observer into a different place entirely - Cyprus, in waiting for warfare by many characters including Othello, Roderigo, Cassio, and Desdemona. Would we perhaps meet up with them there, or - arc permitting - even travel along with them? What will they teach us about war?

Then come the similarities, of course. As I mentioned above, the character name of Roderigo is quite close to the name of El Toro. Will our big-headed companion long for the interest of Desdemona, should we meet her? It's likely that such an event would throw our crew off quite a bit, and definitely add a layer of plot to Valencia's second part. 

As I read more into Othello, I'll be sure to highlight other connections that I make. Will our pirates at last travel into this canal-filled area and encounter Shakespeare's creations in the form of quest and storyline side-tracking? What will each act of the upcoming books teach us of war and Marco Pollo's Map? Much goes untold, but digging allows keys to be unearthed. Let's call this post...Act One!

Keep Traveling

Important Note on Othello: While Shakespeare's works are a joy to read and soak in, some themes in Othello and many other works, besides being difficult to comprehend without concentration, are not appropriate for children. If you are under the age of 13, consult your parents, teachers, or librarians for a fix of Shakespeare. More importantly for you literary scalawags, please let me know if I get any content wrong via comment or e-mail. Thank you!

417.2, Courtesy of Arthur the Pirate
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AKA Don Rodrigo; 417.1
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  1. So so good! I love to learn about how the names and bits of information given to us in the Wizard101 and Pirate101 storyline are based in the real world ... people, places, and things from fiction and non-fiction, gaming icons, songs, etc. Thanks for educating us in such an easy to read, well written style. You are very talented.

  2. It must be a Iago promotion because only Privateer's get Iago.

  3. Wow! That is really deep, but it all makes sense! I wonder how much of this was intended, or just empty references?

    Hey Destiny, can you also add me to your blog list? I would appreciate it. :)

  4. Hmm...You might be right, it may be a well organized guess, but if it's all true...this story line will be very interesting.
    But here's a question: What about Poseidon't words? '' Remember the trident, it is the key.''
    What key was he talking about?

  5. Anonymous,

    I was actually wondering about that...I haven't found anything significant yet, but I'll definitely be posting when I do.




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