A Piratey Dare: Five Fun Challenges to Try

Besides finishing sidequests, farming, and leveling companions, the latest trend in Pirate101 is taking on extra challenges to make playing more difficult. Some strategies are fun, like randomizing names, while others are intense, like letting go of every companion that dies in combat forever. Here are five great challenges for any skill and patience level...

1) Non-Training: Popularized by Merciless Morgrim (Cret92 on most websites), the non-training challenge, as named by me, features using companions at only the levels which they are obtained. However, this means that "super companions" like Bonnie Anne become nearly useless once your pirate's progressed very far.
Regarding the challenge, Morgrim says, "I got pretty frustrated with the whole Gortez part," then adding on, "...leaving companions behind has certainly taught me the value of some of the lesser used companions." As of this writing, Morgrim (On Warwick Davis) has completed the challenge with much success - congratulations!

2) Grasp on the Ground: I discovered this fun little challenge after accidentally turning my quest helper off back in Wizard101's Wysteria. This challenge involves attempting to keep up with your questing without quest helper on to guide your path. I suggest using this where you aren't likely to get very caught in mob battles while staying within a smaller area, like a dungeon. This is especially fun in the Labyrinth or in Sivella, if you're willing to get a little more lost.

3) Soloing: This is inevitably the most popular challenge strategy and ranks as one of the easiest, considering your patience. Soloing any game involves denying assistance from any other players. I think this often results in "grinding", or battling only for experience in order to stay ahead of the game. Beatriz Abbot admits that "...I am doing every side quest as I go," quickly adding on, "It's a breeze, including ship battles." Others, like Briana Dragonpants, say that ship battles tend to be tough. According to Samantha the Shy, class seems to have quite an effect on difficulty though, claiming that soloing on a Musketeer was easier than doing so on a Swashbuckler.

4) Pirate101 "Nuzlocke" Challenge: This is probably one of the most intense challenges that I've ever known. Originally fashioned for the Pokemon DS franchise by a fan-cartoonist, the Nuzlocke challenge involves never again using a companion (or Pokemon) who had fainted or been defeated in combat. Other restrictions were added, like Pokemon Center (life fountain?) visits and adorable nicknames to increase bond. Having posted bendable "rules" on Central HERE, Cedric Young elaborates that the rules may be added onto, so long as the core elements (companion deaths) remain constant.

5) Blogging: Okay, so this one was getting more and more obvious. One of the most challenging aspects of playing any game is recording your adventures in a way that's appealing to an audience. For two years, now, I've taken this challenge on, and I'd call it a success! Blogging about KI games, having started at The Friendly Necromancer, has expanded to fan-sites, podcasts, Youtube, and FB/Twitter! This challenge, while being one of the most difficult to be successful in, reaps the most rewards.

All five of these challenges provide for a fresh and exciting Pirate101 experience, sure to increase difficulty and strategy levels. Have you heard of any other challenges? Let me know in the comments' section below!

Keep Traveling! 
Thank you, Merciless Morgrim, Beatriz Abbot, Briana Dragonpants, Samantha the Shy, Cedric Young, and many others for input on this post.

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  1. All are interesting, very interesting ways to play Pirate101, especially #4 and #1 but I think a lot of people already do #3 but it worth a shot to recommend it.

  2. I tried to imply that with the first sentence being, "This is inevitably the most popular challenge strategy..."

    Would you have preferred that I had included something different and new? :)


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