December 25, 2013

A Holiday Postcard from Dead-Eye

I was sorting through my mail this morning and found a nice little postcard! Though I really appreciate my Swashbuckler sending me a note, it came with odd observations...pirates never sleep, do they?

Firstly, the front. I'm thinking that she meant well...
Dear Destiny, 

Happy Holidays! I'm docked in the Isle of Dogs, right now, recuperating from my run into the Teapot Vortex yesterday. You'd never believe the look on the toy thief when I landed! He had intended to let his buddies take my ship out first, but I let my crew take the helm while I leaped on. What a surprise! My reward was a nice sum of gold. 

Now that I'm back, I'm only just realizing the date. I hope my skarakeet gets this to you in time. Since the war is going on, those recognizing Christmas are either ecstatic or Scrooge-like. The tavern is especially gloomy with its single strand of lights. Eh, I'll call it Christmas. One thing's for sure, and it's that the clockworks don't stop for holidays. By now, that's been found out, but it's still sort of shocking. 

I was invited last night, however, into a small home whose second youngest son I had taken in. For some reason, Alan Chadwick's mother had decided to have me for dinner, as she needed company. Gosh, she had made enough food for Alan and his friends! With nobody else over, I ate more than my fill. I even have leftovers. It was a wonderful way to spend my Christmas Eve, and I concluded it with a walk outside. There was one small group of carolers that I ran into. I think the war's keeping everyone in.

I'm thinking of going back home to the island. Maybe it's more festive there? Write back! 

Dead-Eye Dev. 
Keep Traveling

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