December 23, 2013

A Conclusion on Your Pirate's Parents

Destiny turns away from the conversation, swallowing the Yum as if it were gravel. The bustle of the tavern is just loud enough to conceal a soft groan of terror. 

"M-my parents. Their names were Henri and Grace," she starts. You look to your first mate - Bradley - and grit your teeth. You didn't mean for this to get personal. 

"They were a Privateer and a Musketeer," she explains, "Taken by the Armada." You gulp, attempting to understand her loss. It was unfathomable, ultimately; Your parents got lost at sky. There could still be hope. 

Haven't you ever wondered? The topic of your pirate's parents surviving is one quite commonly thrown around. While it is implied that your pirate's parents are long gone, what factors could play into survival? Will it happen to some and not to others? Let's take a look.

One of character orientation’s first instructions is to construct your pirate’s backstory. Many first-time players don’t know the selections’ importances, but as one progresses, they are revealed. Some attributes, such as where your character was raised after losing their parents, goes into effect immediately, while other things like how your parents were put out of the picture went into effect shortly after.

Personally, I like to place my own character’s struggles in the way she was presented in-game. A foolish plan of hers, getting purposefully captured was, indeed - I imagine that Destiny had a wonderful duel, nonetheless. She hadn’t expected to get rescued, though she was quickly convinced that it was for the better when she had the nerve and authority to explain herself. She intends to later perform the same stunt and try to find her parents through the Armada strongholds.

However, I find Dead-eye’s - as in most Pirates’ - case to be a dead end. In the valley of the Gold Monkey, she had a short conversation with her parents through telepathic crystals. Had they found a way to contact her as mere ghosts? Or had they employed (or better, have had the traits of) a Witchdoctor? My suspicions suggest the former, as I find that only trained wizards have been able to perform such tasks...or Vadima, which none of us are...

The options regarding the parents’ passing, however, hint at survival. One option was a squid attack; Many Pirate101 game theorists suggest that since your pirate could have been there and survived, your parents could have lived, as well. The game hints, though, that your pirate is avenging their parents. Could they have died? I'm veering towards yes; The evidence is just too overwhelming. Even if the possibilities still herald chance, the details in-game are meant to convince.

Personally, I think that the parents are long gone. The NPCs seem to know it, and the crystals have told enough to seal my suspicions. Will this stop Dead-eye’s searching? Of course not. Will this halt further theories? Not at all.

Keep Traveling!

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  1. Armada- They could have escaped
    Shipwreck/lost- It never says they died
    Mutiny- They could have been rescued or left the island.
    Squid Attack- Their ship is gone- doesn't mean they are.
    Storm- Same as squid attack

    Now I don't believe they're still around, either, but they could be. We'll have to find out.


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