October 23, 2013

Why Confetti Made the Best Birthday Gift

Happy birthday, Pirate101! On the fifteenth of October, Pirate101 celebrated its first birthday with festive decorations, that which also encompassed Halloween, and introduced birthday eyepatches, Halloween ships, and even a new quest! However, I'm sure much word has been spread about the festivities already, so I'll cut straight to the chase.

Scattered throughout Skull Island are mysterious gift boxes, left as the sun rose on the fifteenth of October. (Do I smell a Doctor Who reference?) Players ran up to them, one by one, all expecting a unique surprise. Even though they got one, the surprise in particular was different than many - including I - had suspected.

Bright Pirate-y Packages Tied Up with String 

And what, me hearties, are our favorite things? The answer varies indeed. When Wizard101 last had their birthday, gift boxes similar to those on Skull Island were placed around the Spiral, holding gifts quickly chomped up by box-watchers, who prospered from the prizes greatly. Within the day of the release, maps for the boxes had been prepared. What used to be a festivity turned into a competition.

When I saw the boxes' abundance in Pirate101, I had just assumed that I was on a less-crowded realm and the boxes had just re-spawned. I opened one and got showered in confetti. Assuring myself that the next box - or ten, as it turned out - would have a present in it, I began opening as many boxes as I could, getting the same result every time. However, I had begun to find a secret joy in the multicolor presents. The way the confetti would shower my pirate with the festive sound-effects made me smile every time I opened a box. Within the hour, I was opening boxes just to giggle at the light-hearted surprise.

A Shower of Surprise 

I, for one, was pleased with the confetti. However, that's considering that, to this day, little bits of joy like that have always made me happy. Others, I'd guess, were a little less surprised. Why didn't these boxes have any gifts? Pirate101 could have put gifts in just as easily, and continued the prize-hunting craze. However, putting aside the fact that P101 is a newer game, I have a feeling that there was another definite reason why the birthday gifts weren't necessarily gifts at all.

Consider this. You're six years old and sitting with your friends on a doorstep. An adult steps out and places a single chocolate cupcake in front of you all and says, "Go ahead. You can have it." Considering that you're all sugar-powered pre-schoolers at this point, you all run madly for the cupcake, falling over and accidentally bumping into one another. Your friend gets the cupcake, but you think that's because they pushed you over. It just doesn't seem fair. Putting you back in the situation, the adult this time places a few gummy bears in each of your laps, instead, offering more if anyone would like. It's a smaller treat, but it still tastes pretty good and everyone has the chance to get some. In my opinion, the second situation is the system in which the P101 gift boxes were filled with - a little bit of fun that everyone would get to enjoy.

The Best Gift of Them All? 

In my opinion, the confetti from the boxes was, indeed. The simple joy of opening the gift boxes is always sweet, but the reminder of the game truly being a fun place really made the boxes a blessing more than a gift. A little poof of color put a halt to box-watching, and it brought fun-seekers of all classes together. I can't wait to see more fun surprises next year!

What do you think of the confetti boxes?

Keep Traveling!

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Thank you Beatriz Abbot, Bloody Wesley Xavier, Cass Underwood,
Cedric Young, and Olivia for the pictures! :) 


  1. I liked the thinking there Destiny along with the analogy. It's a smaller gift, but a gift that everyone can enjoy. There's no competition for "good" prizes, which makes it more enjoyable. Keep up the great observations and writings.

  2. Very well put, Destiny! I too had been excited about the Wizard101 presents, but in the end only found one (though I was very excited to find that one!), Your analogy is good: sort of like the big kids finding all the eggs at the Easter Egg hunt while the little kids are disappointed. I enjoyed the bright burst of confetti from the Pirate101 presents over and over -- it was the sort of pleasure like that of chasing soap bubbles (which I still like to do!)


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