October 6, 2013

Monkey Business: What Gandry has Up his Sleeves

"This 'un, monkey!" 
You are awakened by these words. Stumbling to your feet, you groggily trudge towards the front of your cell, looking out into the hallway practically embellished by clockwork technique. Your throat is dry and feels cracked whenever you swallow, and your head hurts like someone dropped a powder keg on it. The gifts your parents gave you - a talisman, a ring, and a dagger - have all been confiscated, leaving your values to end for themselves in your air-sick mind. But as your vision sharpens, you think you can make out the figure of two things that definitely aren't clockwork. 

When you first began your in-game journey, two nearly impossible characters achieved an act matching their definitions - breaking into an Armada prison barge! From what I've seen as of yet, one of the Boochbeard & Gandry duo has the expertise and cunning to get in, and that's Monquistan Mr. Gandry! However, Pirate101.com states, "Some suspect that Gandry is the real brains behind Boochbeard's operation, and that the monkey is content to hide behind the buffoon and use him as a figurehead to hide his true scheme". If this is true, then what lies in our pirate's future?

The Monquistan Mastermind

Captain Gandry is the gentleman of the infamous B&G duo, often playing a role in tactical and strategic means and ways. Having had experience in many sides of the Polarian War, Gandry perhaps knows or has access to all of the happenings in it. His ally, the big-friendly-pirate Boochbeard, seems to always stumble into the juiciest situations, possibly just dragging Gandry with him.
It's pretty obvious that Gandry is in control of things, though. He's escaped so many sticky situations and still makes it to see your pirate's match with Tyson at the Traveling Medicine Show. At many instances in the game, Gandry will tell your pirate to hurry up and get questing as you log in. Through his experiences in the Navies, Gandry will likely be able to gain access into nearly any force. This places our pirates at a disadvantage if Gandry is indeed to turn sour. However, we as well have made strong alliances with various forces. Are we as pirates catching up, or are we taking opportunity as it presents itself?

Possible Plans

Gandry is in perfect shape for taking advantage of his situation. Learned in combat and war, he could easily slip through whatever stood in his way and get on with grander plans than toddling after Boochbeard. Boochbeard, clumsy as he is, can get into the right situations, anyways. If Gandry so wanted to, he could use his influence and regained innocence (gained by means of Boochbeard) and hop onto the race to El Dorado. Considering that much of the game is based on and around deal-making, I wouldn't be surprised if Gandry used saving our pirate to his advantage.

Combining "Avery Over All"

So, what if Captain Avery did indeed have bigger plans than we expected? Would he have alliance with Boochbeard and Gandry, or are the duo too far out on their own to need the assistance of anyone else? I think what this will prove in the end - if it is to happen - is that our crew outnumbers the duo, and outshines whoever Avery pulls up. Like it has been for almost the entire game, the perseverance of our pirates aided by only the finest allies will always win in the end. Not monkey business, at all...

What do you expect for Boochbeard and Gandry in the future? Do you think that they'll join the race, or will they continue their own current adventures? What are they, anyway?

Keep Traveling

P.S. I want to send a HUGE thank-you to all of my new fans and followers on Twitter! :)

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  1. Ah, more interesting questions, Destiny! My guess is that Boochbeard and Gandry aren't so much interested in El Dorado (though if someone led them to a solid gold island, they wouldn't refuse!) but rather in their freedom. They've been keeping tabs on the Armada, especially Gandry, and don't like what they see. Others are too caught up in their own concerns. But Boochbeard has a natural knack for grasping what is key (even if he can't hold on to it), and Gandry... I peg Gandry as a frustrated idealist, but an idealist still. They sense that something about the scared, hapless young prisoner they rescue is someone who will change the world. They just hope it is for the better!


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